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Exploring dynamics of protein structure determination and homology-based prediction to estimate the number of superfamilies and folds

Ruslan I Sadreyev et al.

BMC Structural Biology , 20 Mar 2006

Parameter estimate of signal transduction pathways

Ivan Arisi et al.

BMC Neuroscience , 30 Oct 2006

Methodologies used to estimate tobacco-attributable mortality: a review

Mónica Pérez-Ríos et al.

BMC Public Health , 22 Jan 2008

Estimate haplotype frequencies in pedigrees

Qiangfeng Zhang et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 12 Dec 2006

Algorithms to estimate the lower bounds of recombination with or without recurrent mutations

Xiaoming Liu et al.

BMC Genomics , 20 Mar 2008

On the number of founding germ cells in humans

Chang-Jiang Zheng et al.

Theoretical Biology & Medical Modelling , 24 Aug 2005

Estimation of the number of extreme pathways for metabolic networks

Matthew Yeung et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 27 Sep 2007

A Hidden Markov Model to estimate population mixture and allelic copy-numbers in cancers using Affymetrix SNP arrays

Philippe Lamy et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 09 Nov 2007

Estimate of overdiagnosis of breast cancer due to mammography after adjustment for lead time. A service screening study in Italy

Eugenio Paci et al.

Breast Cancer Research , 2006

NullHap – a versatile application to estimate haplotype frequencies from unphased genotypes in the presence of null alleles

Robert M Nowak et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 05 Aug 2008

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