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describes beschreibt
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he/she describes er/sie beschreibt
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Patenting inventions arising from biological research: This article describes the steps involved and ...

Matthew T Latimer

Genome Biology , 2005

Information scanning – keeping in touch with best practice in breastfeeding: This paper describes some of the methods ...

Ellen McIntyre

International Breastfeeding Journal , 11 Sep 2006

A computer program to enter DNA gel reading data into a computer.: This paper describes a simple program that ...

R Staden

Nucleic Acids Research , 11 Jan 1984

Regional Societies: Fostering Competitive Research Through Virtual Infrastructures: ... Society (MCBIOS) describes its efforts to provide ...

Steven F Jennings et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Dec 2004

Percutaneous removal of a knotted pulmonary artery catheter using a tracheostomy dilator: This case report describes removal of a knotted, ...

Marja Jagers op Akkerhuis et al.

Critical Care , 1999

Long terminal repeat retrotransposons of Mus musculus: This article describes the identification of ...

Eugene M McCarthy et al.

Genome Biology , 2004

Perspectives in Pancreatic Pain: This review describes some of the mechanisms ...

A. S. Salim

HPB Surgery , 1997

A computer program to search for tRNA genes.: This paper describes a computer program that ...

R Staden

Nucleic Acids Research , 25 Feb 1980

A Gene Wiki for Community Annotation of Gene Function: This manuscript describes the creation of ...

Jon W Huss et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Jul 2008

A Step Closer to Meeting the Threat of Avian Influenza: ... a new study that describes the generation of live, ...

Stacey Schultz-Cherry et al.

PLoS Medicine , 01 Sep 2006

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