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Desensitization, Immunologic definition: Immunosuppression by the administration of increasing doses of antigen. Though the exact mechanism is not clear, the therapy results in an increase in serum levels of allergen-specific IMMUNOGLOBULIN G, suppression of specific IgE, and an increase in suppressor T-cell activity.
hypersensitivity desensitization definition: prevention or reduction of hypersensitivity reactions by administration of graded doses of allergen.
Immunologic Desensitization definition: Treatment or therapy to reduce or eliminate a patient's allergic response to an allergen (NCI/OSP)
desensitization psychotherapy definition: treatment of phobias and related disorders by intentionally exposing the patient, in imagination or real life, to emotionally distressing stimuli.
Desensitization, Psychologic definition: A behavior therapy technique in which deep muscle relaxation is used to inhibit the effects of graded anxiety-evoking stimuli.
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing definition: A technique that induces the processing of disturbing memories and experiences, by stimulating neural mechanisms that are similar to those activated during REM sleep. The technique consists of eye movements following side-to-side movements of the index and middle fingers, or the alternate tapping of the hands on the knees. This procedure triggers the processing of information, thus facilitating the connection of neural networks.
adaptation to pheromone during conjugation without cellular fusion definition: In organisms that undergo conjugation without cellular fusion, the process resulting in desensitization following exposure to pheromone stimulus that act to down-regulate further stimulation or block initial conjugation responses. [GOC:clt]
adaptation to pheromone during pheromone-induced unidirectional conjugation definition: In organisms that undergo pheromone-induced unidirectional conjugation, the process involved in desensitization following exposure to pheromone stimulus that acts to down-regulate further stimulation or block initial conjugation responses. [GOC:clt]
GPCR Desensitization Pathway definition: Homologous desensitization of GPCRs results from the binding of b-arrestins (b-arr) to agonist -occupied receptors following phosphorylation of the receptor by GRKs. b-arrestin binding sterically precludes coupling between the receptor and heterotrimeric G proteins, leading to termination of signaling by G proteins effectors. Receptor-bound b-arrestins also act as adapter proteins, binding to components of the clathrin endocytic machinery including clathrin, b2-adaptin (AP-2). Receptor sequestration reflects the dynamin (Dyn)-dependent endocytosis of GPCRs via clathrin-coated pits. Once internalized, GPCRs exhibit two distinct patterns of b-arrestin interaction. Class A GPCRs, for example the b2 adrenergic receptor, rapidly dissociate from b-arrestin upon internalization. These receptors are trafficked to an acidified endosomal compartment, wherein the ligand is dissociated and the receptor dephosphorylated by a GPCR-specific protein phosphatase PP2A isoform, and are subsequently recycled to the plasma membrane. Class B receptors, for example the angiotensin II AT1a receptor, form stable receptor-b-arrestin complexes. These receptors accumulate in endocytic vesicles and are either targeted for degradation or slowly recycled to the membrane via as yet poorly defined routes. (Biocarta)
desensitization of G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway by arrestin definition: The process that inhibits the signaling function of a G-protein coupled receptor by uncoupling the receptor from its downstream G proteins. [GOC:dph, GOC:tb, PMID:8396717]
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