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Complementarity Determining Regions definition: Three regions (CDR1; CDR2 and CDR3) of amino acid sequence in the IMMUNOGLOBULIN VARIABLE REGION that are highly divergent. Together the CDRs from the light and heavy immunoglobulin chains form a surface that is complementary to the antigen. These regions are also present in other members of the immunoglobulin superfamily, for example, T-cell receptors (RECEPTORS, ANTIGEN, T-CELL).
Immunoglobulin Hypervariable Region definition: Within the variable domain of an antibody molecule are three regions called hypervariable regions, areas of high sequence diversity. These regions form the surfaces that are responsible for antigen binding interactions. Also known as complementarity determining region or hypervariable loop.
Sex-Determining Region Y Protein definition: Sex Determining Region Y Protein (204 aa, 24 kDa) is a development protein that is encoded by the human SRY gene and is involved in testis development and may be involved in transcription.
Sex-Determining Region Y Protein definition: A transcription factor that plays an essential role in the development of the TESTES. It is encoded by a gene on the Y chromosome and contains a specific HMG-BOX DOMAIN that is found within members of the SOX family of transcription factors.
Genes, sry definition: The primary testis-determining gene in mammalians, located on the Y CHROMOSOME. It codes for a high mobility group box transcription factor (TRANSCRIPTION FACTORS) which initiates the development of the TESTES from the embryonic GONADS.
SOX18 Gene definition: This gene plays a role in transcriptional regulation.
SOX2 Gene definition: This gene is involved in embryonic development and in the determination of cell fate.
SOX3 Gene definition: This gene is involved in neuronal differentiation.
SOX9 Gene definition: This gene plays roles in transcription, osteogenesis, chondrogenesis and testis development.
SRY Gene definition: This gene is involved in testis development and may be involved in transcription.
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