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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
died eingegangen
died erloschen
died gestorben
died gestorben /gest./
died krepiert
died krepierte
died umgekippt
died verendet
died verendete
died verglommen
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enEnglish itItalian
1 word
died scomparso
fyFrisian enEnglish
1 word
died action
died activity
died deed
died move
died practice
died share
died step
fyFrisian afAfrikaans
1 word
died aandeel
died aksie
died daad
fyFrisian caCatalan
1 word
died acció
fyFrisian daDanish
1 word
died aktie
died handling
fyFrisian deGerman
1 word
died Akt
died Aktion
died Handeln
died Handlung
died Tat
died Tun
died Tätigkeit
died Vorgehen
died Wirken
fyFrisian eoEsperanto
1 word
died agado
died ago
died akcio
fyFrisian esSpanish
1 word
died acción
died acto
died hecho
fyFrisian fiFinnish
1 word
died osake
died teko
fyFrisian foFaroese
1 word
died gerð
died partabræv
fyFrisian frFrench
1 word
died action
died action boursière
died action de société
fyFrisian huHungarian
1 word
died akció
died cselekmény
died tett
died tevékenység
fyFrisian idIndonesian
1 word
died aksi
fyFrisian ioIdo
1 word
died aciono
fyFrisian itItalian
1 word
died azione
fyFrisian laLatin
1 word
died actio
died actum
fyFrisian nlDutch
1 word
died aandeel
died actie
died daad
died gedoe
died handeling
died optreden
died toedoen
died verrichting
died werking
died zet
fyFrisian ptPortuguese
1 word
died actividade
died apólice
died açcão
fyFrisian ruRussian
1 word
died акт
died акция
fyFrisian sqAlbanian
1 word
died aksion
died veprim
fyFrisian svSwedish
1 word
died aktie
died gärning
died handling
fyFrisian trTurkish
1 word
died aksiyon
died amel
died hareket
scomparso definition: [1] verschwunden [2] vermisst [3] ausgestorben [4] beschönigt: verstorben [5] untergegangen
action definition: Opération par laquelle se produit un effet, influence de l’être qui agit.
action definition: Occupation plus ou moins active, exercice de la faculté d’agir.
action definition: Tout ce qu’on fait.
action definition: Combat, engagement entre des troupes.
action definition: Véhémence à dire ou à faire quelque chose.
action definition: Tout ce qui regarde la contenance, le mouvement du corps, les gestes de l’orateur, de l’acteur.
action definition: Discours public, tel qu’un sermon, une harangue, un plaidoyer.
action definition: Demande, poursuite en justice.
action definition: Droit qu’on a de former une demande en justice.
action definition: Événement qui fait le sujet d’une pièce de théâtre ou d’un poème épique.
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died definition: Boisson.
died definition: Action, acte.

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