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Antibody Diversity definition: The phenomenon of immense variability characteristic of ANTIBODIES. It enables the IMMUNE SYSTEM to react specifically against the essentially unlimited kinds of ANTIGENS it encounters. Antibody diversity is accounted for by three main theories: (1) the Germ Line Theory, which holds that each antibody-producing cell has genes coding for all possible antibody specificities, but expresses only the one stimulated by antigen; (2) the Somatic Mutation Theory, which holds that antibody-producing cells contain only a few genes, which produce antibody diversity by mutation; and (3) the Gene Rearrangement Theory, which holds that antibody diversity is generated by the rearrangement of IMMUNOGLOBULIN VARIABLE REGION gene segments during the differentiation of the ANTIBODY-PRODUCING CELLS.
Genetic Variation definition: The phenotypic and genotypic differences among individuals in a population.
Genetic Variation definition: Genetic Variation consists of deviation(s) in the nucleotide sequence of the genetic material of an individual from that typical of the group to which the individual belongs, or deviation(s) in the nucleotide sequence of the genetic material of offspring from that of its parents.
Biodiversity definition: The variety of all native living organisms and their various forms and interrelationships.
Cultural Diversity definition: Coexistence of numerous distinct ethnic, racial, religious, or cultural groups within one social unit, organization, or population. (From American Heritage Dictionary, 2d college ed., 1982, p955)
Cultural Diversity definition: The inevitable variety in customs, attitudes, practices, and behaviors that exists among groups of individuals from different ethnic, racial, or national backgrounds who come into contact within a social unit, organization, or population.
Human Genome Diversity Project definition: A coordinated effort to document the genetic variation of the human species worldwide.
Antigenic Diversity definition: Antigenic variation as the pathogen passes through an entire host population rather than just a single host.
Diversity Library definition: Collections of different molecules, often produced through combinatorial synthetic methods, used as a starting pool to screen against a desired pharmacological target.
Immunoglobulin Diversity Region definition: Immunoglobulin genes are formed by somatic recombination of multiple gene elements. Light chains use variable (V) and joining (J) elements, whereas heavy chains incorporate an additional diversity (D) element between the V and J elements.
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Artenvielfalt definition: [1] Ökologie: die Mannigfaltigkeit der in einem bestimmten Lebensraum zusammenlebenden Tier-, Pflanzen-, Pilz-, Protisten- und Bakterienarten
Mannigfaltigkeit definition: [1]
Diversität definition: [1] Vielfalt
Vielfalt definition: [1] Fülle verschiedener Ausprägungen (Form, Farbe, Größe oder anderer Eigenschaften) eines Konzepts oder einer Objektklasse
diversité definition: État de ce qui est divers.
variété definition: État de ce qui est varié.
variété definition: Naturelle, il se dit des différences qui, dans une même espèce d’animaux ou de plantes, distinguent les individus les uns des autres.
variété definition: Titre de certains recueils qui contiennent des morceaux sur différents sujets.
variété definition: Musique de '''variétés''', musiques populaires variées.

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