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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
dye Abstufung
dye Farbe
dye Farbstoff
dye Nuance
dye Schattierung
dye Ton
dye färben
dye tingieren
2 words
Dye Injectors Injektor, Kontrastmedium
absorbing dye Absorptionsfarbstoff
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enEnglish frFrench
1 word
dye colorant
dye colorer
dye coloris
dye couleur
dye teindre
dye teinte
dye teinture
2 words
Chromoscopy dye Colorant de chromoscopie
Dye spreading Pulverisation de colorant
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
dye colorante
dye colore
dye sostanza colorante
dye tingere
2 words
Chromoscopy dye Colorante in uso
Dye spreading Colorazione vitale
enEnglish afAfrikaans
1 word
dye kleur
dye skakering
enEnglish bgBulgarian
1 word
dye цвят
enEnglish bmBambara
1 word
dye aka sija
enEnglish brBreton
1 word
dye liv
dye livioù
enEnglish caCatalan
1 word
dye color
dye colorant
dye matis
dye pintura
enEnglish csCzech
1 word
dye barva
enEnglish daDanish
1 word
dye farve
dye kulør
enEnglish elGreek
1 word
dye χρώμα
enEnglish eoEsperanto
1 word
dye farbo
dye koloro
dye nuanco
dye tinkturi
enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
dye color
dye colorante
dye colorete
dye matiz
dye teñir
enEnglish euBasque
1 word
dye adierak
dye kolore
enEnglish faPersian
1 word
dye رنگ
enEnglish fiFinnish
1 word
dye väri
enEnglish foFaroese
1 word
dye liting
dye litur
enEnglish fyFrisian
1 word
dye ferve
enEnglish gdScottish Gaelic
1 word
dye dath
enEnglish glGallegan
1 word
dye color
dye cor
enEnglish gnGuarani
1 word
dye sa'y
enEnglish heHebrew
1 word
dye צבע
enEnglish huHungarian
1 word
dye szín
enEnglish iaInterlingua
1 word
dye color
enEnglish idIndonesian
1 word
dye bendera
dye rona
dye warna
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
dye farbo
dye koloro
dye nuanco
dye tintar
enEnglish isIcelandic
1 word
dye litur
enEnglish jaJapanese
1 word
dye いろ
enEnglish kuKurdish
1 word
dye boyax
dye gon
dye reng
dye sibox
enEnglish laLatin
1 word
dye color
enEnglish mnMongolian
1 word
dye өнгө
enEnglish msMalay
1 word
dye warna
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
dye kleur
dye nuance
dye nuancering
dye schakering
dye verf
dye verven
enEnglish noNorwegian
1 word
dye farge
enEnglish ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
1 word
dye colorant
enEnglish plPolish
1 word
dye barwa
dye farbować
dye kolor
dye pofarbować
enEnglish ptPortuguese
1 word
dye cor
dye matiz
dye nuança
dye tingir
dye tinta
enEnglish roRomanian
1 word
dye culoare
dye vopsi
enEnglish ruRussian
1 word
dye цвет
enEnglish sqAlbanian
1 word
dye ngjyrë
enEnglish svSwedish
1 word
dye färg
enEnglish swSwahili
1 word
dye rangi
enEnglish tgTajik
1 word
dye ранг
enEnglish tlTagalog
1 word
dye kúlay
dye pintúra
enEnglish trTurkish
1 word
dye boya
dye renk
enEnglish uzUzbek
1 word
dye rang
enEnglish voVolapük
1 word
dye köl
enEnglish yiYiddish
1 word
dye פאַרבּ
enEnglish zhChinese
1 word
dye 颜色|R=yánsè|tradi=顏色
enEnglish zuZulu
1 word
dye umbala
2,6-Dichloroindophenol definition: A dye used as a reagent in the determination of vitamin C.
Amaranth Dye definition: A sulfonic acid-based naphthylazo dye used as a coloring agent for foodstuffs and medicines and as a dye and chemical indicator. It was banned by the FDA in 1976 for use in foods, drugs, and cosmetics. (From Merck Index, 11th ed)
dye definition: chemical substances that are used to stain and color other materials; can also be used as therapeutic agents and test reagents in medicine and in scientific research.
Dyes definition: Coloring agents that are soluble, in contrast to pigments that are particulate. Dyes can also be used as therapeutic agents and test reagents in medicine and scientific research.
Fluorescent Dyes definition: Agents that emit light after excitation by light. The wave length of the emitted light is usually longer than that of the incident light. Fluorochromes are substances that cause fluorescence in other substances, i.e., dyes used to mark or label other compounds with fluorescent tags.
fluorescent dye/probe definition: dyes that emit light when exposed to light; the wave length of the emitted light is usually longer than that of the incident light; fluorochromes are substances that cause fluorescence in other substances, that is, dyes used to mark or label other compounds with fluorescent tags, and they are used as markers in biochemistry and immunology.
INJECTOR, INDICATOR definition: An indicator injector is an electrically or gas-powered device designed to inject accurately an indicator solution into the blood stream. This device may be used in conjuction with a densitometer or thermodilution device to determine cardiac output.
Injectors, Contrast Media definition: Injectors designed to inject viscous, radiopaque fluids (i.e., contrast media) into the arteries, veins, or lymphatic vessels typically through a catheter. These injectors are usually automated devices powered using either electromechanical or pneumatic mechanisms. Electromechanical injectors consist of an electric motor connected to a jackscrew that moves the syringe piston into and out of the syringe barrel, they deliver a given volume of contrast medium at a preselected rate. Pneumatic injectors develop and maintain a constant, preselected pressure and do not compensate for the various parameters that influence flow. Contrast media injectors are used to make vessels and/or particular tissues contrast with the surrounding tissues in procedures such as angiography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging.
Lasers, Dye definition: Tunable liquid lasers with organic compounds (i.e., dye) that have a strong absorption band used as the active medium. During emission, the dye must be optically excited by another light source (e.g., another laser, flash lamp). The emission wavelength may range from the ultraviolet to the near infrared (i.e., from 180 to 1,100 nm). These lasers are operated in continuous-wave and pulsed modes.
Dye Laser definition: A laser in which light is emitted by a fluorescent organic dye and which can be tuned to radiate at any of a wide range of frequencies.
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tingieren definition: [1] Stoffe färben (und meist in eine Flüssigkeit eintauchen)
Farbstoff definition: [1] Chemie: chemische Verbindungen, die benutzt wird, um andere Materialien zu färben
färben definition: [1]
couleur definition: Caractéristique physique de la lumière visible définie par sa longueur d’onde et comprise entre l'infrarouge et l'ultraviolet.
couleur definition: Caractéristique physique de la matière qui dépend de la longueur d’onde de lumière emise ou réfléchie par celle-ci.
couleur definition: Ce qui n'est pas blanc.
couleur definition: Ce qui n'est pas métallique.
couleur definition: '''Couleur''' vive par opposition au noir, au gris, etc.
couleur definition: Substance dont se sert pour colorer, coloris.
couleur definition: Se dit du style, des expressions considérées comme étant, pour celui qui écrit ou qui parle, ce que la palette est pour le peintre.
couleur definition: Apparence que prennent les choses selon les circonstances.
couleur definition: Se dit d’une affaire qui prend bonne tournure.
couleur definition: Teint du visage qui exprime une émotion ou la santé.
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