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Efficacious, effective, and embedded interventions: Implementation research in infectious disease control

Pascale Allotey et al.

BMC Public Health , 01 Oct 2008

A highly efficacious pediculicide based on dimeticone: Randomized observer blinded comparative trial

Jorg Heukelbach et al.

BMC Infectious Diseases , 10 Sep 2008

Cardiac retransplantation is an efficacious therapy for primary cardiac allograft failure

Pavan Atluri et al.

Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery , 07 May 2008

Etanercept versus etanercept plus methotrexate: a registry-based study suggesting that the combination is clinically more efficacious

Ronald F van Vollenhoven et al.

Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2003

Metalloproteinase regulation improves in vitro generation of efficacious platelets from mouse embryonic stem cells

Hidekazu Nishikii et al.

The Journal of Experimental Medicine , 04 Aug 2008

Comparing Highly Efficacious Antimalarial Drugs

Colin J Sutherland

PLoS Medicine , 01 Nov 2008

Factors Associated with Findings of Published Trials of Drug–Drug Comparisons: Why Some Statins Appear More Efficacious than Others

Lisa Bero et al.

PLoS Medicine , 01 Jun 2007

Efficacious Recombinant Influenza Vaccines Produced by High Yield Bacterial Expression: A Solution to Global Pandemic and Seasonal Needs

Langzhou Song et al.

PLoS ONE , 21 May 2008

Phospholipid derived mediators and glomerulonephritis: ... seem to be the more efficacious approach for the ...

E. N. Wardle

Mediators of Inflammation , 1993

Targeting B cells in systemic lupus erythematosus: not just déjà vu all over again: ... may be safe and efficacious for systemic lupus ...

Robert Eisenberg

Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2006

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