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thermal efficiencies Wärmewirkungsgrade
thermal efficiencies thermische Wirkungsgrade
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Stoichiometric estimates of the biochemical conversion efficiencies in tsetse metabolism

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Mismatches in DNA double strands: thermodynamic parameters and their correlation to repair efficiencies.

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Efficiencies of fluorescence resonance energy transfer and contact-mediated quenching in oligonucleotide probes

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Redefining the structure of the mouse connexin43 gene: selective promoter usage and alternative splicing mechanisms yield transcripts with different translational efficiencies

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Radiation-induced cell transformation: transformation efficiencies of different types of ionizing radiation and molecular changes in radiation transformants and tumor cell lines.

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Modulations of the in vitro translational efficiencies of Yellow Fever virus mRNAs: interactions between coding and noncoding regions.

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Restriction enzymes increase efficiencies of illegitimate DNA integration but decrease homologous integration in mammalian cells

Palaniyandi Manivasakam et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Dec 2001

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