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Practitioners Engaged in Applied Research and Learning Network definition: An infrastructure to conduct office-based research that will answer the questions facing general dental practitioners in the routine care of their patients.
verloben definition: [1] reflexiv: jemandem ein Eheversprechen geben [2] transitiv: jemanden einem anderen für eine zu schließende Ehe versprechen [3] veraltet, zumeist mit Dativ oder mit für oder zu: geloben [4] veraltet, verstärkend: loben [5] veraltet: durch ein Gelöbnis abwehren, beseitigen
engagiert definition: [1] vehement für eine Sache eintretend, ein starkes Interesse an einer Sache habend

Antigen-engaged B cells pair with antigen-specific helper T cells for 10 to more than 60 min, whereas non-antigen-specific interactions last less than 10 min.

Takaharu Okada et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (6), 01 Jun 2005

The relocation of antigen-engaged B and T cells to the boundary from two adjacent but distinct microenvironments is believed to contribute to the prompt encounter of B and T cells with cognate-antigen specificity [ 1 , 3 ].

Takaharu Okada et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (6), 01 Jun 2005

The localization of antigen-engaged B cells at the B-zone–T-zone (B/T) boundary, which was initially discovered by tracking hapten-specific memory B cells [ 4 ], has been well characterized for naive cells by examining the distribution of immunoglobulin-transgenic (Ig-tg) B cells at various times after antigen exposure [ 5 ].

Takaharu Okada et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (6), 01 Jun 2005

We show that relocation of antigen-engaged B cells to the B/T boundary is achieved by random migration far from the follicle boundary in combination with directional migration in the region extending up to approximately 140 μm from the boundary.

Takaharu Okada et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (6), 01 Jun 2005

To investigate the migration dynamics of antigen-engaged B cells, we transferred fluorescently labeled hen egg lysozyme (HEL)-specific Ig-tg B cells (green) and nontransgenic (non-tg) B cells (red) into syngeneic mice, allowed 1 d for the cells to equilibrate within lymphoid tissues, and then tracked migration of the cells in inguinal lymph nodes excised from the recipient animals 1 h after intravenous HEL injection.

Takaharu Okada et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (6), 01 Jun 2005

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Rong Xia et al.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry , 10 Oct 2008

Antigen-Engaged B Cells Undergo Chemotaxis toward the T Zone and Form Motile Conjugates with Helper T Cells

Takaharu Okada et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Jun 2005

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Karl C. Menke

Journal of Automated Methods and Management in Chemistry , 2000

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Keng Boon Wee et al.

PLoS ONE , 26 Mar 2008

Direct cloning of DNA that interacts in vivo with a specific protein: application to RNA polymerase II and sites of pausing in Drosophila.: ... II is transcriptionally engaged in either the ...

A Law et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 15 Feb 1998

Development of mental health first aid guidelines for deliberate non-suicidal self-injury: A Delphi study: ... engages, or has engaged, in deliberate ...

Claire M Kelly et al.

BMC Psychiatry , 23 Jul 2008

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