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Audiometry, Evoked Response definition: A form of electrophysiologic audiometry in which an analog computer is included in the circuit to average out ongoing or spontaneous brain wave activity. A characteristic pattern of response to a sound stimulus may then become evident. Evoked response audiometry is known also as electric response audiometry.
Evoked Potentials definition: The recorded electrical responses from nerve, muscle, SENSORY RECEPTOR, or area of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM following stimulation. They range from less than a microvolt to several microvolts. The evoked potential can be auditory (EVOKED POTENTIALS, AUDITORY), somatosensory (EVOKED POTENTIALS, SOMATOSENSORY), visual (EVOKED POTENTIALS, VISUAL), or motor (EVOKED POTENTIALS, MOTOR), or other modalities that have been reported. Often used synonymously to event-related potentials which are associated with higher level cognitive processes.
evoked potential definition: immediate nervous system electrical response to sensory input; may result from natural, electrical, or chemical stimulation of sensory or motor neurons; used to study neurophysiological phenomena or in clinical diagnosis.
Evoked Potentials, Auditory definition: The electric response evoked in the CEREBRAL CORTEX by ACOUSTIC STIMULATION or stimulation of the AUDITORY PATHWAYS.
Evoked Potentials, Somatosensory definition: The electric response evoked in the CEREBRAL CORTEX by stimulation along AFFERENT PATHWAYS from PERIPHERAL NERVES to CEREBRUM.
Evoked Potentials, Visual definition: The electric response evoked in the cerebral cortex by visual stimulation or stimulation of the visual pathways.
Evoked Potentials, Auditory, Brain Stem definition: Electrical waves in the CEREBRAL CORTEX generated by BRAIN STEM structures in response to auditory click stimuli. These are found to be abnormal in many patients with CEREBELLOPONTINE ANGLE lesions, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, or other DEMYELINATING DISEASES.
STIMULATOR, ELECTRICAL, EVOKED RESPONSE definition: An evoked response electrical stimulator is a device used to apply an electrical stimulus to a patient by means of skin electrodes for the purpose of measuring the evoked response.
Stimulators, Electrical, Peripheral Nerve, Somatosensory definition: Electrical stimulators used to apply precisely timed and repeatable stimuli to the peripheral nerves. These stimulators are usually multiple-channel external stimulators, using external surface electrodes or invasive (i.e., needle) electrodes. Somatosensory electrical stimulators are used for evoked-potential procedures and also for other research procedures (e.g., functional mapping in epilepsy). Some of these stimulators are used as components of more complex devices, such as somatosensory evoked-potential recorders.
GENERATOR, ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPH TEST SIGNAL definition: An electroencephalograph test signal generator is a device used to test or calibrate an electroencephalograph.
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