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Expected definition: Considered likely or probable; anticipated.
Expected Adverse Event definition: Any adverse event associated with a medical product or procedure, whose nature and severity have been previously observed, identified in nature, severity, or frequency, and documented in the investigator brochure, investigational plan, protocol, current consent form, scientific publication, or in other relevant and reliable document. The old term Side Effect is retired and should not be used.
The patient demonstrates knowledge of the expected responses to the operative or invasive procedure. definition: The patient/family members communicate an understanding of the operative or other invasive procedure and effects they can expect. This is evidenced by their consent for the procedure and description of the perioperative sequence of events and outcomes.
expected future definition: An occurrence that is scheduled to occur in the future. An Act whose effective time is greater than 'now', where 'now' is the time the instance is authored.
expected next definition: Restricted to the nearest recent known occurrence scheduled to occur in the future. The Act with the lowest effective time, still greater than 'now'. ('now' is the time the instance is authored.)
expected last definition: Restricted to the latest known occurrence that is scheduled to occur. The Act with the highest known effective time.
Device operates differently than expected definition: Issue associated with any deviations from expected performance while operating and using the device.
aspettato definition: [1] erwartet, vorhergesehen
atteso definition: [1] erwartet, vorhergesehen

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