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More than 60% of orangutans living in the state occur outside protected areas, in production forests that have been through several rounds of logging extraction and are still exploited for timber.

Marc Ancrenaz et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (1), 01 Jan 2005

The role of exploited forests clearly merits further investigation for orangutan conservation in Sabah.

Marc Ancrenaz et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (1), 01 Jan 2005

This methodology is likely to be useful for documenting the status of great ape populations living in fragmented and exploited forests in Asia and possibly in some parts of Africa.

Marc Ancrenaz et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (1), 01 Jan 2005

Extensive areas of dry lowland dipterocarp forests found in the commercial forest reserves located in the central parts of Sabah (populations 11, 15, and 16) yielded higher orangutan densities in old exploited areas and in areas that were exploited under sustainable logging practices (1.2–2.7 individuals/km 2 , n = 4) than in areas where more conventional practices were implemented (0.1–2.0 individuals/km 2 , n = 11): Mann–Whitney U test, U = 5.5, p = 0.03.

Marc Ancrenaz et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (1), 01 Jan 2005

In the extensive tracts of dry lowland dipterocarp forests exploited for timber (populations 15 and 16), our data suggest that, when hunting pressure is low, orangutan abundance is directly related to the degree of logging and associated damage.

Marc Ancrenaz et al.

PLoS Biology 3 (1), 01 Jan 2005

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