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foFaroese enEnglish
1 word
eydnast accomplish
eydnast achieve
eydnast arrive
eydnast arrive at
eydnast attain
eydnast catch
eydnast come about
eydnast encounter
eydnast end up
eydnast find
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foFaroese afAfrikaans
1 word
eydnast aankom
eydnast aanland
eydnast arriveer
eydnast behaal
eydnast beland
eydnast bereik
eydnast floreer
eydnast gebeur
eydnast geskie
eydnast plaatsvind
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foFaroese bmBambara
1 word
eydnast ko
foFaroese caCatalan
1 word
eydnast aconseguir
eydnast aprovar
eydnast arribar
eydnast assolir
eydnast atènyer
eydnast caure
eydnast encertar
eydnast endevinar
eydnast ensopegar
eydnast ocórrer
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foFaroese daDanish
1 word
eydnast ankomme
eydnast forekomme
eydnast lykkes
eydnast ske
foFaroese deGerman
1 word
eydnast Erfolg haben
eydnast ankommen
eydnast bestehen
eydnast durchsetzen
eydnast einholen
eydnast eintreffen
eydnast erlangen
eydnast erreichen
eydnast erwirken
eydnast erzielen
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foFaroese elGreek
1 word
eydnast ακμάζω
eydnast αφικνούμαι|R=afinúme
eydnast φθάνω|R=ftháno
foFaroese eoEsperanto
1 word
eydnast alveni
eydnast atingi
eydnast finveni
eydnast okazi
eydnast prosperi
eydnast sukcesi
eydnast trafi
foFaroese esSpanish
1 word
eydnast acertar
eydnast acontecer
eydnast alcanzar
eydnast conseguir
eydnast dar con
eydnast dar en
eydnast llegar
eydnast lograr
eydnast ocurrir
eydnast prosperar
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foFaroese fiFinnish
1 word
eydnast menestyä
eydnast saapua
eydnast saavuttaa
eydnast tapahtua
foFaroese frFrench
1 word
eydnast abouter
eydnast arriver
eydnast atteindre
eydnast parvenir
eydnast prospérer
eydnast réussir
foFaroese fyFrisian
1 word
eydnast arrivearje
eydnast foarfalle
eydnast oankomme
eydnast oanlânje
eydnast slagje
eydnast treffe
foFaroese gdScottish Gaelic
1 word
eydnast ruig
foFaroese glGallegan
1 word
eydnast chegar
foFaroese huHungarian
1 word
eydnast elér
eydnast megérkezni
eydnast sikerül
eydnast történik
eydnast érkezik
foFaroese idIndonesian
1 word
eydnast berhasil
eydnast capai
eydnast mencapai
foFaroese ioIdo
1 word
eydnast arivar
eydnast eventar
eydnast parvenar
eydnast prosperar
eydnast sucesar
foFaroese isIcelandic
1 word
eydnast koma
eydnast ná til
eydnast ná í
foFaroese itItalian
1 word
eydnast accadere
eydnast arrivare
eydnast colpire
eydnast giungere
eydnast prosperare
eydnast riuscire
eydnast succedere
foFaroese jaJapanese
1 word
eydnast 着く|R=つく
foFaroese laLatin
1 word
eydnast accidere
eydnast advenire
eydnast pervenire
foFaroese msMalay
1 word
eydnast capai
eydnast memukul
eydnast mencapai
eydnast pukul
eydnast sampi
eydnast terjadi
foFaroese nlDutch
1 word
eydnast aan de hand zijn
eydnast aanbelanden
eydnast aankomen
eydnast aanlanden
eydnast arriveren
eydnast behalen
eydnast bereiken
eydnast bloeien
eydnast doorkomen
eydnast floreren
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foFaroese noNorwegian
1 word
eydnast ankomme
foFaroese ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
1 word
eydnast arribar
foFaroese plPolish
1 word
eydnast mieć powodzenie
eydnast odnieść sukces
eydnast osiągać
eydnast powodzić się
eydnast prosperować
eydnast przyjechać
eydnast przyjść
eydnast trafić
eydnast uzyskać
eydnast wydarzyć się
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foFaroese ptPortuguese
1 word
eydnast abranger
eydnast acertar
eydnast acontecer
eydnast alcançar
eydnast atingir
eydnast chegar
eydnast chegar a
eydnast conseguir
eydnast dar no alvo
eydnast lograr
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foFaroese roRomanian
1 word
eydnast ajunge
eydnast se întîmpla
eydnast sosi
foFaroese ruRussian
1 word
eydnast бить
eydnast бытовать
eydnast прибывать
eydnast прибыть
eydnast ударить
foFaroese sqAlbanian
1 word
eydnast arrij
eydnast mërrij
foFaroese svSwedish
1 word
eydnast ankomma
eydnast ernå
eydnast hända
eydnast inträffa
eydnast passera
foFaroese tlTagalog
1 word
eydnast dumatíng
foFaroese trTurkish
1 word
eydnast varmak
eydnast vasıl olmak
foFaroese zuZulu
1 word
eydnast -enzeka
eydnast -fika
eydnast -finyela
eydnast -theleka
0 definitions
0 examples

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