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cyWelsh enEnglish
1 word
ffig fig
ffig fig tree
cyWelsh arArabic
1 word
ffig تين
cyWelsh csCzech
1 word
ffig fík
cyWelsh deGerman
1 word
ffig Feige
cyWelsh eoEsperanto
1 word
ffig figarbo
ffig figo
cyWelsh esSpanish
1 word
ffig higo
ffig higuera
cyWelsh euBasque
1 word
ffig pikondo
ffig piku
cyWelsh fiFinnish
1 word
ffig viikuna
cyWelsh frFrench
1 word
ffig figue
ffig figuier
cyWelsh itItalian
1 word
ffig albero di fichi
ffig fico
cyWelsh laLatin
1 word
ffig Ficus carica
cyWelsh nlDutch
1 word
ffig vijg
cyWelsh plPolish
1 word
ffig drzewo figowe
ffig figa
ffig figowiec
cyWelsh ptPortuguese
1 word
ffig figo
ffig figueira
cyWelsh rmRhaeto-Romance
1 word
ffig fig
ffig figer
cyWelsh roRomanian
1 word
ffig smochină
cyWelsh ruRussian
1 word
ffig инжир
ffig смоква
ffig фига
cyWelsh sqAlbanian
1 word
ffig fik
1 word
ffig ffigysbren
ffig ffigysen
Feige definition: [1] essbare, süße, fleischige Frucht des Feigenbaums [2] tropischer Baum oder Strauch aus der Familie der Maulbeergewächse [3] die Gattungen der Feigen [4] Familienname
0 examples

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A Role for Parasites in Stabilising the Fig-Pollinator Mutualism

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