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Atypical Bacterial Forms definition: Microorganisms that have undergone greater changes than normal in morphology, physiology, or cultural characteristics.
Communications Media definition: The means of interchanging or transmitting and receiving information. Historically the media were written: books, journals, newspapers, and other publications; in the modern age the media include, in addition, radio, television, computers, and information networks.
Media definition: Any mechanism of mass communication.
Consent Forms definition: Documents describing a medical treatment or research project, including proposed procedures, risks, and alternatives, that are to be signed by an individual, or the individual's proxy, to indicate his/her understanding of the document and a willingness to undergo the treatment or to participate in the research.
Consent Form definition: A document explaining all relevant study information to assist the study volunteer in understanding the expectations and requirements of participation in a clinical trial. This document is presented to and signed by the study subject. (from centerwatch.com glossary).
Dosage Forms definition: Completed forms of the pharmaceutical preparation in which prescribed doses of medication are included. They are designed to resist action by gastric fluids, prevent vomiting and nausea, reduce or alleviate the undesirable taste and smells associated with oral administration, achieve a high concentration of drug at target site, or produce a delayed or long-acting drug effect. They include CAPSULES; LINIMENTS; OINTMENTS; PHARMACEUTICAL SOLUTIONS; POWDERS; TABLETS; etc.
dosage forms definition: forms in which chemical products can be manufactured or administered.
Pharmaceutical Dosage Form definition: A form in which a pharmaceutical product is presented in the medicinal product package as supplied by the marketing authorization holder, manufacturer, or distributor. The key defining characteristics of the pharmaceutical dosage form are the state of matter, delivery method, release characteristics, and the administration site or route for which the product is formulated.
Forms and Records Control definition: A management function in which standards and guidelines are developed for the developing, maintaining, and handling of forms and records.
L Forms definition: Bacterial variants, unable to form a complete cell wall, which are formed in cultures by various bacteria; granules (L bodies) appear, unite, and grow into amorphous bodies which multiply and give rise to bacterial cells morphologically indistinguishable from the parent strain.
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