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Activities of Daily Living definition: The performance of the basic activities of self care, such as dressing, ambulation, or eating.
functional ability definition: physical, mental, or social ability to carry on the normal activities of life.
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) definition: Personal activities to maintain oneself.
Colonic Diseases, Functional definition: Chronic or recurrent colonic disorders without an identifiable structural or biochemical explanation. The widely recognized IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME falls into this category.
Encopresis definition: Incontinence of feces not due to organic defect or illness.
Functional Residual Capacity definition: The volume of air remaining in the LUNGS at the end of a normal, quiet expiration. It is the sum of the RESIDUAL VOLUME and the EXPIRATORY RESERVE VOLUME. Common abbreviation is FRC.
Vaginismus definition: Recurrent or persistent involuntary SPASM of the outer muscles of the VAGINA, occurring during vaginal penetration.
Orthodontic Appliances, Functional definition: Loose, usually removable intra-oral devices which alter the muscle forces against the teeth and craniofacial skeleton. These are dynamic appliances which depend on altered neuromuscular action to effect bony growth and occlusal development. They are usually used in mixed dentition to treat pediatric malocclusions. (ADA, 1992)
Dysfunction definition: Disturbance, impairment or abnormality of function.
Pathophysiology definition: Deranged function in an individual or an organ that is due to a disease. (MedicineNet.com)
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funktionale Belastung definition: [1] Linguistik: Häufigkeit, mit der ein Sprachelement verwendet wird.
funktional definition: [1] im Hinblick auf die Funktion, die Funktion berücksichtigend [2] Linguistik: in der Verbindung funktionale Grammatik: die Funktionen grammatischer Einheiten einbeziehend [3] Linguistik: in der Verbindung funktionale Satzperspektive: die (semantischen) Funktionen der Wortgruppen im Satz berücksichtigend
cuina functional definition: [1] Haushalt: die Einbauküche

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