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alle definition: [1] ''mitteldeutsch und norddeutsch,
Steppke definition: [1] (norddeutsch; ostmitteldeutsch, besonders berlin-brandenburgisch) umgangssprachlich: kleiner (kesser) Junge
gone definition: Gosse, gamin.
gone definition: Enfant lyonnais.
gone definition: Lyonnais.
56 examples

Influence of different treatment techniques on radiation dose to the LAD coronary artery

Carsten Nieder et al.

Radiation Oncology (London, England) , 05 Jun 2007

Ornithine decarboxylase antizyme finder (OAF): Fast and reliable detection of antizymes with frameshifts in mRNAs

Michaël Bekaert et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 02 Apr 2008

Hyperdominant left anterior descending artery continuing across left ventricular apex as posterior descending artery coexistent with aortic stenosis

Kalyana Javangula et al.

Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery , 21 Oct 2007

The osteoprotective effect of Herba epimedii (HEP) extract in vivo and in vitro

Fang Xie et al.

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 01 Sep 2005

Single left coronary artery with separate origins of proximal and distal right coronary arteries from left anterior descending and circumflex arteries – a previously undescribed coronary circulation

Pankaj Kaul et al.

Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery , 20 Apr 2007

Comparison of outcomes of percutaneous coronary intervention on proximal versus non-proximal left anterior descending coronary artery, proximal left circumflex, and proximal right coronary artery: A cross-sectional study

Mohammad Alidoosti et al.

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 04 Mar 2007

The Longhorn Array Database (LAD): An Open-Source, MIAME compliant implementation of the Stanford Microarray Database (SMD)

Patrick J Killion et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 20 Aug 2003

Logical Analysis of Data (LAD) model for the early diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke

Anupama Reddy et al.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making , 10 Jul 2008

All for All

John Sulston

PLoS Biology , 01 Jun 2006

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Jean Anne Connor et al.

Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases , 11 May 2007

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