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Kisspeptin and GPR54 immunoreactivity in a cohort of 518 patients defines favourable prognosis and clear cell subtype in ovarian carcinoma

Leah M Prentice et al.

BMC Medicine , 15 Nov 2007

Bt transgenic crops do not have favorable effects on resistant insects

Bruce E. Tabashnik et al.

Journal of Insect Science , 12 Feb 2004

Favorable prognostic value of SOCS2 and IGF-I in breast cancer

Michael C Haffner et al.

BMC Cancer , 25 Jul 2007

Low E2F1 transcript levels are a strong determinant of favorable breast cancer outcome

Vincent Vuaroqueaux et al.

Breast Cancer Research , 2007

Stromal mast cells in invasive breast cancer are a marker of favourable prognosis: a study of 4,444 cases

Ashish B. Rajput et al.

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment , 01 Jan 2008

ICAM-2 Expression Mediates a Membrane-Actin Link, Confers a Nonmetastatic Phenotype and Reflects Favorable Tumor Stage or Histology in Neuroblastoma

Karina Jin Yoon et al.

PLoS ONE , 03 Nov 2008

Glioblastoma multiforme with oligodendroglial component (GBMO): favorable outcome after post-operative radiotherapy and chemotherapy with nimustine (ACNU) and teniposide (VM26)

Dirk Vordermark et al.

BMC Cancer , 18 Oct 2006

Conformational analysis of polynucleotides. I. The favorable left-handed helical model for the poly(8,2'-S-cycloadenylic acid) with high anti conformation.

S Fujii et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Aug 1976

Selective miRNA disruption in T reg cells leads to uncontrolled autoimmunity

Xuyu Zhou et al.

The Journal of Experimental Medicine , 01 Sep 2008

WWOX protein expression varies among ovarian carcinoma histotypes and correlates with less favorable outcome

María I Nunez et al.

BMC Cancer , 27 Jun 2005

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