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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
ice Diamant
ice Eis
ice Eis (gefrorenes Wasser)
ice Eiscreme
ice Klunker
ice Schmuck
ice Spiegel
2 words
(ice) hockey Eishockey
BAG, ICE Eisbeutel
Collars, Ice Kragen, eisgekühlt
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enEnglish frFrench
1 word
ICE en cas d'urgence
ice crème glacée
ice givrer
ice givrure
ice glace
ice miroir
ice vitre
2 words
ice age glaciation
ice age période glaciaire
ice box frigidaire
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enEnglish daDanish
1 word
ice is
2 words
dead ice dødis
ice box køleskab
ice cream is
ice skate skøyte
enEnglish isIcelandic
1 word
ice ís
2 words
dead ice dauðís
ice box ísskápur
ice cream ís
enEnglish noNorwegian
1 word
ice is
ice iskrem
ice speil
2 words
dead ice dødis
ice box kjøleskap
ice cream is
ice cream iskrem
ice cream speil
ice skate skøyter
enEnglish svSwedish
1 word
ice glass
ice is
2 words
dead ice dödis
ice box kylskåp
ice cream glass
ice cream is
ice hockey ishockey
ice skate skridsko
enEnglish fiFinnish
1 word
ice jätski
ice jää
ice jäätelö
2 words
ice box jääkaappi
ice cream jätski
ice cream jää
ice cream jäätelö
ice creme jäätelö
ice skate luistin
4 words
hole in the ice avanto jääauk
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
ICE In geval van nood
ice consumptie-ijs
ice ijs
ice ijsco
ice ijsje
2 words
ice box koelkast
ice cream consumptie-ijs
ice cream ijs
ice cream ijsco
ice cream ijsje
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enEnglish afAfrikaans
1 word
ice ys
2 words
ice box yskas
ice cream ys
enEnglish arArabic
1 word
ice ايس كريم
2 words
ice box بَرَّاد
ice box ثَلاَّجَة
ice box مَثْلَجَة
ice cream ايس كريم
ice crystal yskristal
enEnglish bgBulgarian
1 word
ice лед
ice сладолед
2 words
ice cream лед
ice cream сладолед
enEnglish caCatalan
1 word
ICE En cas d'emergència
ice espill
ice gel
ice gelat
ice glaç
ice mirall
2 words
ice age període glacial
ice age època glacial
ice box frigorífic
ice box gelera
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enEnglish csCzech
1 word
ice led
ice zmrzlina
ice zrcadlo
2 words
ice box chladnička
ice box lednice
ice box lednička
ice cream led
ice cream zmrzlina
ice cream zrcadlo
ice crystal ledový krystal
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enEnglish elGreek
1 word
ice πάγος
ice παγωτό
2 words
ice cream πάγος
ice cream παγωτό
ice skate Παγοπέδιλο
enEnglish eoEsperanto
1 word
ice glaciaĵo
ice glacio
ice spegulo
2 words
ice age glaciepoko
ice box fridujo
ice box frostiga sxranko
ice cream glaciaĵo
ice cream glacio
ice cream spegulo
ice hockey glacihokeo
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enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
ICE En caso de emergencia
ice espejo
ice helado
ice hielo
2 words
ice age época glacial
ice box frigo
ice box frigorífico
ice box heladera
ice box nevera
ice box refri
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enEnglish etEstonian
1 word
ice jää
ice jäätis
2 words
ice box külmik
ice cream jää
ice cream jäätis
ice creme jäätis
ice crystal jääkristall
enEnglish faPersian
1 word
ice آینه
ice بستنی
ice شیشه
ice یخ
2 words
ice cream آینه
ice cream بستنی
ice cream شیشه
ice cream یخ
enEnglish foFaroese
1 word
ice ísur
2 words
ice cream ísur
enEnglish fyFrisian
1 word
ice iis
2 words
ice cream iis
enEnglish glGallegan
1 word
ice xeo
2 words
ice cream xeo
enEnglish hrCroatian
1 word
ice led
ice sladoled
2 words
ice box frižider
ice box hladionik
ice box hladnjak
ice cream led
ice cream sladoled
enEnglish huHungarian
1 word
ice fagylalt
ice jég
2 words
ice box fridzsider
ice box hűtőkészülék
ice box hűtőszekrény
ice box jégszekrény
ice cream fagylalt
ice cream jég
ice crystal jégkristály
ice hockey jégkorong
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
ice glacio
ice spegulo
ice vitro-plako
2 words
ice box frigorizilo
ice cream glacio
ice cream spegulo
ice cream vitro-plako
ice rink sketeyo
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
ICE In caso di emergenza
ice gelato
ice ghiaccio
ice specchio
2 words
ice box armadio frigorifero
ice box frigo
ice box frigorifero
ice cream gelato
ice cream ghiaccio
ice cream specchio
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enEnglish jaJapanese
1 word
ice ガラス
ice 窓ガラス
2 words
ice cream aisukurīmu|アイスクリーム
ice cream アイスクリーム|R=aisukurīmu
ice cream ガラス
ice cream
ice cream 窓ガラス
ice cream
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enEnglish msMalay
1 word
ice es
2 words
ice cream es
enEnglish ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
1 word
ice glacet
2 words
ice box refrigerator
ice cream glacet
ice skate patin
enEnglish plPolish
1 word
ice lody
ice lód
2 words
ice box lodówka
ice box szafa chłodnicza
ice cream lody
ice cream lód
ice creme lody
ice hockey Hokej na lodzie
ice skate łyżwa
enEnglish ptPortuguese
1 word
ice espelho
ice gelado
ice gelo
ice sorvete
2 words
ice age período glacial
ice box geladeira
ice box refrigerador
ice cream espelho
ice cream gelado
ice cream gelo
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enEnglish roRomanian
1 word
ice gheaţă
ice ghiaţa
ice oglindă
ice îngheţată
2 words
ice box aparat frigorific
ice box frigider
ice box răcitor electric
ice cream gheaţă
ice cream ghiaţa
ice cream oglindă
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enEnglish ruRussian
1 word
ice лёд
ice мороженое
2 words
ice age ледниковый период
ice cream moróženoe|мороженое
ice cream лёд
ice cream мороженое
ice hockey хоккей
ice skate Коньки
enEnglish slSlovenian
1 word
ice led
ice sladoled
2 words
ice cream led
ice cream sladoled
enEnglish sqAlbanian
1 word
ice akull
ice akullore
2 words
ice box frigorifer
ice cream akull
ice cream akullore
enEnglish tlTagalog
1 word
ice surbétes
ice yélo
2 words
ice cream surbétes
ice cream yélo
enEnglish trTurkish
1 word
ice ayna
ice buz
ice cam
ice dondurma
2 words
ice box buzdolabı
ice cream ayna
ice cream buz
ice cream cam
ice cream dondurma
enEnglish zhChinese
1 word
ice 冰淇淋
2 words
ice cream
ice cream 冰淇淋
ice hockey 冰球
enEnglish zuZulu
1 word
ice uayiskhrimu
2 words
ice box ifiliji
ice box ifriji
ice box isiqandisi
ice cream uayiskhrimu
enEnglish brBreton
2 words
ice box yenerez
enEnglish euBasque
2 words
ice box hozkailu
enEnglish heHebrew
2 words
ice box מקרר
enEnglish iaInterlingua
2 words
ice box refrigerator
enEnglish idIndonesian
2 words
ice box kulkas
enEnglish kaGeorgian
2 words
ice box მაცივარი
enEnglish koKorean
2 words
ice box 냉장고
ice skate 스케이트
enEnglish ltLithuanian
2 words
ice box refrišeratorius
ice box šaldytuvas
enEnglish lvLatvian
2 words
ice box refrigerator
enEnglish rmRhaeto-Romance
2 words
ice box frais-chera
ice box fras-chera
ice box frestgantera
ice box frestgera
ice hockey hockey su glatsch
enEnglish skSlovak
2 words
ice box chladnička
enEnglish swSwahili
2 words
ice box friji
ice box kirimba
ice box mashine ya barafu
ice box rifrijireta
ice box sefu
enEnglish nnNorwegian Nynorsk
2 words
ice skate skeiser
Dry Ice definition: A solid form of carbon dioxide used as a refrigerant.
Dry Ice definition: A solid form of carbon dioxide used as a refrigerant. At temperatures above -78.5 degrees C and ambient pressure, it changes directly to a gas as it absorbs heat.
Ice definition: The solid substance formed by the FREEZING of water.
Ice definition: Water frozen in the solid state.
Ice Cream definition: A frozen dairy food made from cream or butterfat, milk, sugar, and flavorings. Frozen custard and French-type ice creams also contain eggs.
Methamphetamine definition: A central nervous system stimulant and sympathomimetic with actions and uses similar to DEXTROAMPHETAMINE. The smokable form is a drug of abuse and is referred to as crank, crystal, crystal meth, ice, and speed.
methamphetamine definition: sympathomimetic amine closely related chemically to both amphetamine and ephedrine, with actions similar to those of amphetamine; abuse may lead to dependence.
Collars, Ice definition: Ice bags designed to be placed around the throat as a collar. These devices consist of a rubber or soft plastic bag with an appropriate size and shape for comfortable use as a collar; they include a cap that can be threaded or otherwise fixed to the bag once the bag is filled and may also include external attachments (e.g., tabs, Velcro) to facilitate fixing around the throat. Collar ice bags are intended to alleviate pain and/or to promote healing in minor injured areas of the throat, neck, and/or head (e.g., after minor surgery, tonsillectomy, to alleviate sore throat).
Dispensers, Ice definition: Equipment designed to make, store, and/or dispense ice. These devices typically include a freezing mechanism to transform water from the liquid to the solid state, a mechanism that delivers ice in the desired shape (e.g., cubes, flakes, finely crushed), and a storage chamber to keep the ice. The ice can be automatically delivered from the chamber when needed or manually taken from it. Healthcare facility ice makers/dispensers are intended to produce uncontaminated ice for use in ice baths; for temporary preservation of blood, organs, and tissues; and for other ancillary tasks such as cold therapy and/or to cool drinks.
BAG, ICE definition: An ice bag is a device intended for medical purposes that is in the form of a container intended to be filled with ice that is used to apply dry cold therapy to an area of the body. The device may include a holder that keeps the bag in place against an external area of the patient.
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Eis definition: [1] Wasser im festen Aggregatzustand befindendes, gefrorenes Wasser [2] kurz für: Speiseeis, eine gefrorene Süßspeise
Eiswürfel definition: [1] gefrorener Block aus Wasser, zum Kühlen von Getränken oder Wunden verwendet
Eiscreme definition: [1] ein Gemisch von Milch, Zucker, Wasser, Obst und anderen, das durch Gefrieren und gleichzeitiges rühren in einen festen kremigen Zustandgebracht wird
Toteis definition: [1] von Vereisungen der Landschaft zurückgelassenes, isoliertes und von Sedimenten überdecktes Eis
Eishockey definition: [1] Wintersportart, bei der versucht wird, eine Hartgummischeibe (Puck) mit Hilfe von Schlägern im gegnerischen Tor unterzubringen
Eiskrem definition: [1] essbares Eis; Speiseeis
Kühlschrank definition: [1] Haushaltsgerät: schrankförmiges Behältnis zur Kühlung und Aufbewahrung von leicht verderblichen Lebensmitteln
Schlittschuh definition: [1] Schuh, an dem eine Kufe aus Stahl befestigt ist und mit dem man über Eis gleiten kann
Eiszeit definition: [1] Klimatologie: erdgeschichtliche Periode mit kaltem Klima
Eisnebel definition: [1] Nebel, der entsteht wenn sehr kalte Luft über wärmeres Wasser strömt. Der vom Wasser aufsteigende Dampf sublimiert dabei direkt zu Eiskristallen.
4 further definitions >>
gelato definition: [1] das Speiseeis, das Eis
glace definition: Eau à l’état solide.
glace definition: Zéro degré Celsius, température de l'eau qui gèle.
glace definition: Miroir d’une taille relativement grande.
glace definition: Miroir portatif.
glace definition: Vitrage.
glace definition: Crème glacée, en général aromatisée aux fruits et servie à la fin d’un repas ou comme rafraîchissement.
glace definition: Préparation servant à napper, à réaliser le glaçage d’un mets, .
glace definition: Petite tache d’un diamant.
ice cream definition: Orthographe alternative d’'''ice-cream'''.
patinoire definition: Surface d'eau glacée sur laquelle on peut faire du patinage ou du hockey sur glace.

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58 further publications >>