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Gender Identity definition: A person's concept of self as being male and masculine or female and feminine, or ambivalent, based in part on physical characteristics, parental responses, and psychological and social pressures. It is the internal experience of gender role.
Identity Crisis definition: Chaotic concept of self wherein one's role in life appears to be an insoluble dilemma often expressed by isolation, withdrawal, rebellion and extremism.
Multiple Personality Disorder definition: A dissociative disorder in which the individual adopts two or more distinct personalities. Each personality is a fully integrated and complex unit with memories, behavior patterns and social friendships. Transition from one personality to another is sudden.
Social Identification definition: The process by which an aspect of self image is developed based on in-group preference or ethnocentrism and a perception of belonging to a social or cultural group. (From APA, Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, 8th ed.)
Personal Identity Disturbance definition: Imbalance in the ability to distinguish between the self and the non-self.
identity definition: aggregate of characteristics by which an individual is recognized by himself and others.
Identity definition: The set of characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known and that constitutes it's individuality or set inclusion.
neuroblast fate determination definition: Process by which a cell becomes capable of differentiating autonomously into a neuroblast cell regardless of its environment; upon determination, the cell fate cannot be reversed. [GOC:go_curators]
maintenance of meristem identity definition: The process by which an organism retains a population of meristem cells, preventing the commitment of all stem cell progeny to a differentiated cell fate. [GOC:tb]
maintenance of floral meristem identity definition: The process by which an organism retains a population of floral meristem cells, preventing the commitment of all stem cell progeny to a differentiated cell fate. [GOC:dph, GOC:tb]
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Identity-Management definition: [1] die Verwaltung von Entitäten (Personen, Dinge) in einem Unternehmen oder einer Behörde
Personalausweis definition: [1] amtlicher Ausweis mit Lichtbild, Unterschrift und Personalien des Inhabers
Ausweis definition: [1] Dokument, das als Bestätigung oder Legitimation ausgestellt worden ist und Angaben zur betreffenden Person enthält
identité definition: Ce qui fait qu’une chose est la même qu’une autre, que deux ou plusieurs choses ne sont qu’une ou sont comprises sous une même idée.
identité definition: Personnalité civile d’un individu, légalement reconnue ou constatée.
identité definition: Espèce d’équation ou d’égalité dont les deux membres sont identiquement les mêmes, quelles que puissent être les valeurs attribuées aux lettres qui constituent cette équation.

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