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itItalian enEnglish
1 word
seguito escort
seguito presentation
3 words
in seguito a because
in seguito a due to
in seguito a result
itItalian deGerman
1 word
seguito Geleit
3 words
in seguito a infolge
itItalian esSpanish
3 words
in seguito a a causa de
in seguito a a consecuencia de
in seguito a debido a
itItalian frFrench
3 words
in seguito a par suite
in seguito a à la suite
itItalian plPolish
3 words
in seguito a z powodu
seguito definition: [1] die Folge, das Nachspiel [2] die Fortsetzung [3] das Gefolge [4] die Zustimmung
partito definition: Parti.
partito definition: Adhérents, parti.
seguito definition: Adhérents, parti.
Geleit definition: [1] Begleitung zum Schutz oder zur Ehre [2] Personen, die geleiten, begleiten [3] begleitende Worte
infolge definition: [1] als Folge (Konsequenz) eines oder mehrerer vorangegangener Ereignisse :[a] mit Genitiv :[b] mit von
0 examples

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Apparent survival of the salamander Salamandra salamandra is low because of high migratory activity

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Methamphetamine Inhibits Antigen Processing, Presentation, and Phagocytosis

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Initial experience with a group presentation of study results to research participants

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Prolonged hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis syndrome as an initial presentation of Hodgkin lymphoma: a case report

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