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Embryonic Induction definition: The complex processes of initiating CELL DIFFERENTIATION in the embryo. The precise regulation by cell interactions leads to diversity of cell types and specific pattern of organization (EMBRYOGENESIS).
Embryonic Induction definition: A process that stimulates and directs a morphogenetic influence on a population of cells. These populations are often differentiating cells or adjacent neighboring cells that are not fixed on a developmental path. Embryonic induction plays a regulatory role in the development and construction of embryos.
Enzyme Induction definition: An increase in the rate of synthesis of an enzyme due to the presence of an inducer which acts to derepress the gene responsible for enzyme synthesis.
Enzyme Induction definition: Enzyme Induction involves initiation of function of a biological molecule (usually protein, RNA, or DNA) that possesses catalytic activity.
Induction, Genetic definition: An increase in the GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION of a gene by the supply of an activator or removal of a repressor.
Ovulation Induction definition: Techniques for the artifical induction of ovulation, the rupture of the follicle and release of the ovum.
Remission Induction definition: Therapeutic act or process that initiates a response to a complete or partial remission level.
SOS Response (Genetics) definition: An error-prone mechanism or set of functions for repairing damaged microbial DNA. SOS functions (a concept reputedly derived from the SOS of the international distress signal) are involved in DNA repair and mutagenesis, in cell division inhibition, in recovery of normal physiological conditions after DNA repair, and possibly in cell death when DNA damage is extensive.
SOS response definition: An error-prone process for repairing damaged microbial DNA. [GOC:jl, http://cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk/]
SOS Function definition: A series of erroneous bacterial processes that are utilized to maintain the integrity of DNA during cellular metabolism. These functions are involved in maintenance activities such as DNA repair, but they are also involved in apoptosis and mitotic inhibition.
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Induktion definition: [1] Physik: Erzeugung einer elektrischen Spannung in einem Leiter, mittels veränderlicher Magnetfelder. [2] Mathematik: Beweisverfahren, bei dem die Gültigkeit einer Aussage für eine Zahl auf die Nachfolger der Zahl erweitert wird. [3] Logik: Folgern vom Speziellen auf das Allgemeine
Induktionskochfeld definition: [1] Kochfeld, bei dem das Kochgeschirr durch elektromagnetische Induktion erhitzt wird
induction definition: [1] Induktion
induction definition: Raisonnement qui consiste à rassembler une série d’observations spécifiques pour arriver à formuler une conclusion générale.
induction definition: Conséquence que l’on tire par '''induction'''.
induction definition: Conjecture plausible mais incertaine où la sagacité a plus de part que la logique et où l’on a plutôt égard à la vraisemblance qu’aux données certaines de l’expérience.
induction definition: Phénomène électrique correspondant à une force électromotrice généré dans un circuit électrique par une variation de courant.
inductance definition: Traduit le fait qu’un courant traversant le circuit crée un flux d’induction. L’inductance est égale au quotient de ce flux par l’intensité de ce courant. L’unité de l’inductance est le henry (H).
inductance definition: Tout composant électronique présentant les caractéristiques indiquées dans la définition (1).

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