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CHROMATOGRAPHY (LIQUID, GEL), CLINICAL USE definition: A high pressure liquid chromatography system for clinical use is a device intended to separate one or more drugs or compounds from a solution by processing the mixture of compounds (solutes) through a column packed with materials of uniform size (stationary phase) under the influence of a high pressure liquid (mobile phase). Separation of the solutes occurs either by absorption, sieving, partition, or selective affinity.
Chromatography Systems, Liquid definition: Chromatography systems in which the separation process of the mixture of compounds is accomplished by pumping a liquid, usually water or an organic solvent (i.e., the mobile phase) through a column of stationary phase. Separation is based on the relative solubility of the solutes in the two phases and their interaction with the stationary phase. A mass spectrometer can be connected to these devices instead of a detector.
Injectors definition: Instruments designed to inject fluids faster, more consistently, and/or easier than employing directly handheld syringes. These instruments are mostly used to introduce bolus injections of viscous fluids (e.g., contrast media) into the subcutaneous tissues, arteries, veins, or lymphatic vessels; some injectors are intended for medications and/or vaccines. Most injectors are automated devices powered using either electric or pneumatic mechanisms, but some are manually operated.
INJECTOR, INDICATOR definition: An indicator injector is an electrically or gas-powered device designed to inject accurately an indicator solution into the blood stream. This device may be used in conjuction with a densitometer or thermodilution device to determine cardiac output.
Injectors, Contrast Media definition: Injectors designed to inject viscous, radiopaque fluids (i.e., contrast media) into the arteries, veins, or lymphatic vessels typically through a catheter. These injectors are usually automated devices powered using either electromechanical or pneumatic mechanisms. Electromechanical injectors consist of an electric motor connected to a jackscrew that moves the syringe piston into and out of the syringe barrel, they deliver a given volume of contrast medium at a preselected rate. Pneumatic injectors develop and maintain a constant, preselected pressure and do not compensate for the various parameters that influence flow. Contrast media injectors are used to make vessels and/or particular tissues contrast with the surrounding tissues in procedures such as angiography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging.
INJECTOR AND SYRINGE, ANGIOGRAPHIC definition: An angiographic injector and syringe is a device that consists of a syringe and a high-pressure injector which are used to inject contrast material into the heart, great vessels, and coronary arteries to study the heart and vessels by x-ray photography.
Injectors, Contrast Media, Angiography definition: Contrast media injectors designed to inject the contrast media through a small catheter into the vascular system for angiographic studies. These devices typically consist of automated electromechanical injectors with syringes that may be either reusable, disposable, or both; pneumatic mechanism are less frequently used. Angiographic contrast media injectors are capable of delivering with the pressure, flow range, and volume required for angiographic studies, some injectors can synchronize the delivery with the electrocardiographic cycle and/or the x-ray generator. They are used in procedures to examine the coronary and renal arteries, the great vessels and the vasculature of the heart, brain, abdominal organs, and extremities.
ACTUATOR, SYRINGE, INJECTOR TYPE definition: A syringe actuator for an injector is an electrical device that controls the timing of an injection by an angiographic or indicator injector and synchronizes the injection with the electrocardiograph signal.
INJECTOR, JET, MECHANICAL-POWERED definition: A spring-powered jet injector is a syringe device intended to administer a local anesthetic. The syringe is powered by a spring mechanism which provides the pressure to force the anesthetic out of the syringe.
INJECTOR, JET, GAS-POWERED definition: A gas-powered jet injector is a syringe device intended to administer a local anesthetic. The syringe is powered by a cartridge containing pressurized carbon dioxide which provides the pressure to force the anesthetic out of the syringe.
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injecteur definition: Instrument à l’aide duquel on fait des injections.
injecteur definition: Spécialement,
injecteur definition: Dispositif introduisant sous forme pulvérisée des ergols liquides dans la chambre de combustion.

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