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Inadequate definition: Not meeting a quantitative or qualitative measure necessary for a requirement.
Insufficient authorization definition: The requesting party has insufficient authorization to invoke the interaction.
Insufficient cooling definition: Issue associated with device or device parts being insufficiently cool in device active (working) or/and non-active (non-working) state. The concept does not refer to the problem resulted from ambient temperature.
Insufficient heating definition: Issue associated with the device or its components producing temperatures that are not as high as what is specified.
Insufficient flow or underinfusion definition: Issue associated with an underdose of intravenous therapy, i.e., drugs or fluids being delivered into a patient under positive pressure generated by a pump.
unzureichend definition: [1] nicht zureichend
mangelhaft definition: [1] Mängel aufweisend [2] zweitschlechteste Schulnote; eine Fünf
insuffizient definition: [1] Medizin: nicht ausreichend

Activation of the Syk tyrosine kinase is insufficient for downstream signal transduction in B lymphocytes

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Neutrophil cannibalism – a back up when the macrophage clearance system is insufficient

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Associations of reported bruxism with insomnia and insufficient sleep symptoms among media personnel with or without irregular shift work

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Minor shift in background substitutional patterns in the Drosophila saltans and willistoni lineages is insufficient to explain GC content of coding sequences

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Loss of G–A base pairs is insufficient for achieving a large opening of U4 snRNA K-turn motif

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Prominent medical journals often provide insufficient information to assess the validity of studies with negative results

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Forcing neural progenitor cells to cycle is insufficient to alter cell-fate decision and timing of neuronal differentiation in the spinal cord

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Glucose testing and insufficient follow-up of abnormal results: a cohort study

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Thymus-derived glucocorticoids are insufficient for normal thymus homeostasis in the adult mouse

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Inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity is insufficient to induce tetraploidy

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