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laptop computers Laptops
Computers, Personal, Laptop definition: Computers designed as a single portable unit that integrates all the components needed for proper operation by an individual, including storage, retrieval, and the processing of digital data following the instructions of one or more programs stored internally, either temporarily or permanently (i.e., software and firmware, respectively). These computers typically consist of a foldable device that includes a microprocessor-based CPU (central processing unit), a keyboard, data storage devices, and an electronic display (screen); they also include a battery to permit operation in any location for a limited time. Additional peripheral devices, such as printers and plotters, are frequently connected to a laptop computer to increase its capabilities. Laptop computers are used in healthcare facilities, physician offices, and at home for clinical and administrative data processing; they may be used as a component of data processing workstations (e.g., radiology, ultrasound, MRI) or information/automation systems.