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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
limited begrenzt
limited begrenzte
limited beschränket
limited beschränkt
limited eingeschränkt
limited einschränkend
limited endlich
limited limitiert
limited limitierte
limited schränkte ein
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enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
limited angosto
limited limitado
limited restringido
3 words
Limited auditory function Limitacion funcion/minusvalia
Limited auditory function/disability Limitacion funcion/minusvalia
Limited circulatory function Limitacion funcion/minusvalia
Limited circulatory function/disability Limitacion funcion/minusvalia
Limited dermatologic function Limitacion funcion/minusvalia
Limited dermatologic function/disability Limitacion funcion/minusvalia
Limited digestive function Limitacion funcion/minusvalia
enEnglish frFrench
1 word
limited limitatif
limited limité
limited resserré
limited restreint
3 words
Limited auditory function Fonct limitee/invalidite
Limited auditory function/disability Fonct limitee/invalidite
Limited circulatory function Fonct limitee/invalidite
Limited circulatory function/disability Fonct limitee/invalidite
Limited dermatologic function Fonction limitee/invalidite
Limited dermatologic function/disability Fonction limitee/invalidite
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enEnglish huHungarian
1 word
limited véges
limited végre
limited végül
3 words
Limited auditory function munkakeptelenseg/rokkantsag
Limited auditory function/disability munkakeptelenseg/rokkantsag
Limited circulatory function munkakeptelenseg/rokkantsag
Limited circulatory function/disability munkakeptelenseg/rokkantsag
Limited dermatologic function munkakeptelenseg/rokkantsag
Limited dermatologic function/disability munkakeptelenseg/rokkantsag
Limited digestive function munkakeptelenseg/rokkantsag
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
limited restriktiva
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
limited limitato
limited ristretto
3 words
Limited auditory function Diminuita capacita/menomazione
Limited auditory function/disability Diminuita capacita/menomazione
Limited circulatory function Diminuita capacita/menomazione
Limited circulatory function/disability Diminuita capacita/menomazione
Limited dermatologic function Diminuita capacita/menomazione
Limited dermatologic function/disability Diminuita capacita/menomazione
Limited digestive function Diminuita capacita/menomazione
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
limited begrensd
limited beperkt
limited eng
limited restriktie
3 words
Limited auditory function Functiebeperking/handicap oor
Limited auditory function/disability Functiebeperking/handicap oor
Limited circulatory function Functie bep/hand hartvaatstelsel
Limited circulatory function/disability Functie bep/hand hartvaatstelsel
Limited dermatologic function Functiebep/handicap
Limited dermatologic function/disability Functiebep/handicap
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enEnglish noNorwegian
1 word
limited endelig
3 words
Limited auditory function REDUSERT FUNKSJONSEVNE
Limited auditory function/disability REDUSERT FUNKSJONSEVNE
Limited circulatory function REDUSERT FUNKSJONSEVNE
Limited circulatory function/disability REDUSERT FUNKSJONSEVNE
Limited dermatologic function REDUSERT FUNKSJONSEVNE
Limited dermatologic function/disability REDUSERT FUNKSJONSEVNE
Limited digestive function REDUSERT FUNKSJONSEVNE
enEnglish ruRussian
1 word
limited ограниченный
enEnglish daDanish
3 words
Limited auditory function Funktionsindskraenk/handicap
Limited auditory function/disability Funktionsindskraenk/handicap
Limited circulatory function Funktionsindskraenk/handicap
Limited circulatory function/disability Funktionsindskraenk/handicap
Limited dermatologic function Funktionsindskraenk/handicap
Limited dermatologic function/disability Funktionsindskraenk/handicap
Limited digestive function Funktionsindskraenk/handicap
enEnglish euBasque
3 words
Limited auditory function ELBARRITASUNA/EZINTASUNA
Limited auditory function/disability ELBARRITASUNA/EZINTASUNA
Limited dermatologic function ELBARRITASUNA/ EZINTASUNA
Limited dermatologic function/disability ELBARRITASUNA/ EZINTASUNA
Limited digestive function ELBARRITASUNA/EZINTASUNA
enEnglish fiFinnish
3 words
Limited auditory function TOIMINNANVAJAUS
Limited auditory function/disability TOIMINNANVAJAUS
Limited circulatory function TOIMINNANVAJAUS
Limited circulatory function/disability TOIMINNANVAJAUS
Limited dermatologic function TOIMINNANVAJAUS
Limited dermatologic function/disability TOIMINNANVAJAUS
Limited digestive function TOIMINNANVAJAUS
enEnglish ptPortuguese
3 words
Limited auditory function Limitacao funcional/incapacidade
Limited auditory function/disability Limitacao funcional/incapacidade
Limited circulatory function Limitacao funcional/incapacidade
Limited circulatory function/disability Limitacao funcional/incapacidade
Limited dermatologic function Limitacao funcional/incapacidade
Limited dermatologic function/disability Limitacao funcional/incapacidade
Limited digestive function Limitacao funcional/incapacidade
enEnglish svSwedish
3 words
Limited auditory function/disability FUNKTIONSBEGRANSNING/HANDIKAPP
Limited circulatory function/disability FUNKTIONSBEGRANSNING/HANDIKAPP
Limited dermatologic function FUNKTIONSBEGRANSNING/HANDIKAPP
Limited dermatologic function/disability FUNKTIONSBEGRANSNING/HANDIKAPP
enEnglish heHebrew
3 words
Limited circulatory function naxut hakshura bamaarexet hakardiovaskularit
Limited circulatory function/disability naxut hakshura bamaarexet hakardiovaskularit
Limited dermatologic function naxut hakshura baor
Limited dermatologic function/disability naxut hakshura baor
enEnglish trTurkish
3 words
limited in time süreli
limited in time vadeli
Scleroderma, Limited definition: The least progressive form of SYSTEMIC SCLERODERMA with skin thickening restricted to the face, neck and areas distal to the elbows and/or knees, sparing the trunk. The CREST SYNDROME is a form of limited scleroderma.
limited by definition: A relationship that limits or restricts the source act by the elements of the target act. For example, an authorization may be limited by a financial amount (up to $500). Target Act must be in EVN.CRIT mood.
Limited Company definition: A business structure used in Europe and Canada, in which shareholder responsibility for company debt is limited to the amount he/she has invested in the company.
Limited Partnership definition: A business organization with one or more general partners, who manage the business and assume legal debts and obligations, and one or more limited partners, who are liable only to the extent of their investments. Limited partners also enjoy rights to the partnership's cash flow, but are not liable for company obligations.
endlich definition: [1] was ein Ende besitzt
befristet definition: [1] zeitlich begrenzt
ristretto definition: [1] begrenzt, beschränkt [2] eng [3] konzentriert, stark, kräftig

In literature, a great diversity of limited sampling strategies (LSS) have been recommended for tacrolimus monitoring, however proper validation of these strategies to accurately predict the area under the time concentration curve (AUC 0–12 ) is limited.

Robert A.M. Op den Buijsch et al.

European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 63 (11), 01 Nov 2007

Keywords Tacrolimus Limited sampling strategy Trough level AUC 0–12 Introduction The calcineurin-inhibitor tacrolimus, used widely after organ transplantation, has a narrow therapeutic index and highly variable pharmacokinetic characteristics.

Robert A.M. Op den Buijsch et al.

European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 63 (11), 01 Nov 2007

Additionally, strategies have been developed that included a limited number of sampling time points within a short time post-dose, the so-called limited sampling strategies (LSS).

Robert A.M. Op den Buijsch et al.

European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 63 (11), 01 Nov 2007

Limited sampling strategies investigated In our opinion, a suitable limited sampling strategy for tacrolimus should consist of two or three time concentration points within a short time post-dose (≤4 h) including a trough level.

Robert A.M. Op den Buijsch et al.

European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 63 (11), 01 Nov 2007

Overview of the characteristics of transplant patients included in the studies that described limited sampling strategies

Robert A.M. Op den Buijsch et al.

European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 63 (11), 01 Nov 2007

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Evaluation of limited sampling strategies for tacrolimus

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Enhanced Processing of Threat Stimuli under Limited Attentional Resources

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The Repertoire and Dynamics of Evolutionary Adaptations to Controlled Nutrient-Limited Environments in Yeast

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A two-way interface between limited Systems Biology Markup Language and R

Tomas Radivoyevitch

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MicroSAGE: a modified procedure for serial analysis of gene expression in limited amounts of tissue.

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