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Cell Line definition: Established cell cultures that have the potential to propagate indefinitely.
cultured cell line definition: Cells of a single type that have been grown in the laboratory for several generations (cell divisions).
cell line definition: permanently established cell culture that will proliferate indefinately provided that it has the appropriate medium and space.
Cell Line definition: A permanently established cell culture that will proliferate indefinitely given appropriate fresh medium and space.
Long Interspersed Element definition: LINEs. Highly repeated sequences, 6000-8000 base pairs in length that contain RNA polymerase II promoters. They also have a region with sequence similarity to the reverse transcriptase of retroviruses, but they do not contain LTRs (long terminal repeats).
Lines definition: Used where lines of respone has limitations.
Augenfältchen definition: [1] kleine Falten im Bereich der Augen

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