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enEnglish deGerman
1 word
loop Kreislauf (Strömung)
loop Looping
loop Masche
loop Rahmenantenne
loop Schlaufe
loop Schleife
loop Schlinge
loop Spirale (Verhütungsmittel)
loop Öse
2 words
DC loop Gleichstromschleife
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enEnglish frFrench
1 word
loop boucle
loop looping
loop maille
2 words
D loop boucle D
R loop boucle R
closed-loop control disposition réglementaire
closed-loop control régulation
hairpin loop boucle en épingle à cheveux
in-pile loop boucle en pile
local loop réseau d’accès
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enEnglish ruRussian
2 words
closed-loop control устройство
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
loop calappio
loop cappio
loop cerchio
loop flocco
loop laccio
loop nodo scorsoio
loop ricciolo
6 words
Colonic loop as reason of limitation Esame limitato da conformazione del colon
enEnglish eoEsperanto
1 word
loop maŝo
enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
loop malla
loop nudo corredizo
enEnglish foFaroese
1 word
loop eyga
loop meskur
loop snara
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
loop buklo
loop loklo
loop masho
loop ringo
loop sheklo
loop sinuo
loop slingo
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
loop breisteek
loop maas
loop steek
loop strik
enEnglish plPolish
1 word
loop kokarda
loop mucha
loop muszka
loop pętelka
loop pętla
loop sidło
enEnglish ptPortuguese
1 word
loop laçada
loop laço
loop malha
afAfrikaans enEnglish
1 word
loop act
loop flood
loop flow
loop function
loop operate
loop perform
loop run
loop stream
loop work
afAfrikaans caCatalan
1 word
loop fluir
loop submergir-se
afAfrikaans csCzech
1 word
loop plynout
loop téct
afAfrikaans daDanish
1 word
loop dykke
loop flyde
loop fungere
loop synke
afAfrikaans deGerman
1 word
loop eintauchen
loop fließen
loop in den Abgrund stürzen
loop in den Abgründ versinken
loop rinnen
loop strömen
loop tauchen
loop unter Wasser gehen
loop unter Wasser kommen
loop untergehen
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afAfrikaans elGreek
1 word
loop λειτουργώ|R=liturgó
afAfrikaans eoEsperanto
1 word
loop enabismiĝi
loop flui
loop funkcii
loop subakviĝi
afAfrikaans esSpanish
1 word
loop buccear
loop fluir
loop funcionar
loop inundar
loop manar
loop zambullirse
afAfrikaans fiFinnish
1 word
loop toimia
loop virrata
afAfrikaans foFaroese
1 word
loop fara undir í vatni
loop flóta
loop kava
loop reka
loop renna
loop starva
loop streyma
loop virka
afAfrikaans frFrench
1 word
loop couler
loop fonctionner
loop prendre l’eau
afAfrikaans fyFrisian
1 word
loop floeie
afAfrikaans idIndonesian
1 word
loop alir
loop mengalir
afAfrikaans ioIdo
1 word
loop fluar
loop funcionar
afAfrikaans itItalian
1 word
loop fluire
loop funzionare
loop scorrere
afAfrikaans laLatin
1 word
loop fluere
afAfrikaans msMalay
1 word
loop alir … mengalir
afAfrikaans nlDutch
1 word
loop duiken
loop functioneren
loop het doen
loop in de afgrond storten
loop in zijn werk gaan
loop lopen
loop onderduiken
loop stromen
loop vlieten
loop vloeien
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afAfrikaans plPolish
1 word
loop działać
loop funkcjonować
afAfrikaans ptPortuguese
1 word
loop abismar-se
loop afogar-se
loop cair no abismo
loop correr
loop estar em exercício
loop exercer funções
loop fluir
loop funcionar
afAfrikaans roRomanian
1 word
loop curge
loop funcţiona
loop merge
loop se vărsa
afAfrikaans rwKinyarwanda
1 word
loop va
afAfrikaans sqAlbanian
1 word
loop funksionoj
afAfrikaans svSwedish
1 word
loop rinna
loop strömma
afAfrikaans trTurkish
1 word
loop akmak
nlDutch enEnglish
1 word
loop barrel
loop current
loop flow
loop fluent
loop hit
loop pipe
loop present
loop stem
loop stream
loop tube
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nlDutch afAfrikaans
1 word
loop buis
nlDutch caCatalan
1 word
loop corrent
loop corrent elèctric
loop tub
nlDutch csCzech
1 word
loop běžný
nlDutch daDanish
1 word
loop rør
loop strøm
nlDutch deGerman
1 word
loop Rohr
loop Röhre
loop Schlauch
loop Strom
loop Strömung
2 words
rode loop Dysenterie
rode loop Ruhr
nlDutch eoEsperanto
1 word
loop fluo
loop kurento
loop tubo
2 words
rode loop disenterio
nlDutch esSpanish
1 word
loop cañón
loop corriente
loop tubo
2 words
rode loop disentería
rode loop distentería
nlDutch fiFinnish
1 word
loop putki
nlDutch foFaroese
1 word
loop rør
loop slanga
loop streymur
2 words
rode loop blóðsótt
nlDutch frFrench
1 word
loop courant
loop tube
loop tuyau
2 words
rode loop dysenterie
nlDutch fyFrisian
1 word
loop buis
loop piip
loop stream
nlDutch idIndonesian
1 word
loop aliran
loop setrum
nlDutch ioIdo
1 word
loop fluanta
loop kuranta
loop nuna
loop tubo
2 words
rode loop disenterio
nlDutch itItalian
1 word
loop condotto
loop corrente
nlDutch laLatin
1 word
loop amnis
loop canalis
loop fistula
nlDutch noNorwegian
1 word
loop rør
loop strøm
nlDutch ptPortuguese
1 word
loop cano
loop canudo
loop corrente
loop fluxo
loop tubo
2 words
rode loop disenteria
nlDutch svSwedish
1 word
loop rör
loop ström
loop ströming
nlDutch trTurkish
1 word
loop boru
Afferent Loop Syndrome definition: A complication of gastrojejunostomy (BILLROTH II PROCEDURE), a reconstructive GASTROENTEROSTOMY. It is caused by acute (complete) or chronic (intermittent) obstruction of the afferent jejunal loop due to HERNIA, intussusception, kinking, VOLVULUS, etc. It is characterized by PAIN and VOMITING of BILE-stained fluid.
Blind Loop Syndrome definition: A malabsorption syndrome that is associated with a blind loop in the upper SMALL INTESTINE that is characterized by the lack of peristaltic movement, stasis of INTESTINAL CONTENTS, and the overgrowth of BACTERIA. Such bacterial overgrowth interferes with BILE SALTS action, FATTY ACIDS processing, MICROVILLI integrity, and the ABSORPTION of nutrients such as VITAMIN B12 and FOLIC ACID.
Complementarity Determining Regions definition: Three regions (CDR1; CDR2 and CDR3) of amino acid sequence in the IMMUNOGLOBULIN VARIABLE REGION that are highly divergent. Together the CDRs from the light and heavy immunoglobulin chains form a surface that is complementary to the antigen. These regions are also present in other members of the immunoglobulin superfamily, for example, T-cell receptors (RECEPTORS, ANTIGEN, T-CELL).
Immunoglobulin Hypervariable Region definition: Within the variable domain of an antibody molecule are three regions called hypervariable regions, areas of high sequence diversity. These regions form the surfaces that are responsible for antigen binding interactions. Also known as complementarity determining region or hypervariable loop.
Loop of Henle definition: The U-shaped portion of the renal tubule in the KIDNEY MEDULLA, consisting of a descending limb and an ascending limb. It is situated between the PROXIMAL KIDNEY TUBULE and the DISTAL KIDNEY TUBULE.
Drivers, Endarterectomy Loop definition: Drivers designed to insert wire loops intended to grip and shear atherosclerotic deposits from the lumen of an artery (i.e., endarterectomy). These drivers are typically handheld, manual instruments that apply shearing action when the endarterectomy loops are drawn through the artery; they usually include freely rotating handles that prevent the application of torsion forces to the loops. A shear force gauge may be included to measure and limit the pulling force applied to the loop. Endarterectomy loop drivers are used in endarterectomy procedures performed in the main arteries of the body (e.g., carotid artery).
LOOP, WIRE definition: An ear, nose, and throat manual surgical instrument is one of a variety of devices intended for use in surgical procedures to examine or treat the bronchus, esophagus, trachea, larynx, pharynx, nasal and paranasal sinus, or ear. This generic type of device includes the esophageal dilator; tracheal bistour (a long, narrow surgical knife); tracheal dilator; tracheal hook; laryngeal injection set; laryngeal knife; laryngeal saw; laryngeal trocar; laryngectomy tube; adenoid curette; adenotome; metal tongue depressor; mouth gag; oral screw; salpingeal curette; tonsillectome; tonsil guillotine; tonsil screw; tonsil snare; tonsil suction tub; tonsil suturing hook; antom reforator; ethmoid curette; frontal sinus-rasp; nasal curette; nasal rasp; nasal rongeur; nasal saw; nasal scissors; nasal snare; sinus irrigator; sinus trephine; ear curette; ear excavator; ear rasp; ear scissor, ear snare; ear spoon; ear suction tub; malleous ripper; mastoid gauge; microsurgical ear chisel; myringotomy tube inserter; ossici holding clamp; sacculotomy tack inserter; vein press; wire ear loop; microrule; mirror; mobilizer; ear, nose, and throat punch; ear, nose and throat knife; and ear, nose, and throat trocar.
Chromatin Loop definition: A higher order chromatin structure above the level of the chromatin fiber. The organization of chromatin into loops permits the partitioning of chromatin into topologically independent domains, and is thought to facilitate its compartmentation into functionally independent regions.
V3 Loop definition: Third hypervariable region (V3) of the gp120 HIV envelope protein.
lateral loop definition: Non-compact myelin located adjacent to the nodes of Ranvier in a myelin segment. These non-compact regions include cytoplasm from the cell responsible for synthesizing the myelin. Lateral loops are found in the paranodal region adjacent to the nodes of Ranvier, while Schmidt-Lantermann clefts are analogous structures found within the compact myelin internode. [GOC:dgh]
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Schleife definition: [1] Schlinge; Verknüpfung, die leicht lösbar ist; lose, kunstvoll verknüpftes Band; Knoten [2] Kleidungsstück, Accessoire [3] endlos verbundenes Band (Film, Magnetband) [4] stark gebogener Verlauf (einer Flugbahn, eines Flusses, einer Straße...) [5] Programmiersprachen: eine Kontrollstruktur, mit der wiederholtes Durchlaufen desselben Programmteils möglich wird [6] Graphentheorie (Mathematik): eine Kante eines Graphen, die einen Knoten mit ihm selbst verbindet [7] Ort, wo etwas geschleift wird oder wo etwas oder jemand rutschen kann :[a] mundartlich, kindersprachlich: eine glatte Eisfläche, auf der man schleifen kann
Schlaufe definition: [1] Ring aus biegsamen Material (Leder, Stoff, Schnur)
Flauschband definition: [1] Bestandteil eines Klettverschlusses; Gegenstück zum Hakenband
Rittberger definition: [1] Sprungelement beim Eiskunstlauf
Schlinge definition: [1] runde Form eines zu verknüpfenden Stückes (Schnur, Draht usw.) [2] Jagd: Fanggerät in Form einer Schlinge [3] Textil: runde Schleife innerhalb eines Gewebes [4] Sport: runde Lauffigur (Eislaufen, Rollschuhfahren)
Regelung definition: [1] allgemein: das Ordnen, Regeln [2] Technik: Verfahren, bei dem das Ergebnis über eine Rückkopplung Einfluss auf die Stellgröße nimmt
courant definition: Déplacement ordonné d’un fluide
courant definition: Passage de l’électricité à travers un conducteur. Ellipse de courant électrique.
courant definition: Sous-ensemble d’une organisation, d’un parti politique.
courant definition: Période actuelle.
courant definition: On dit elliptiquement dans ce sens, en termes de Bourse,
courant definition: L’ordinaire, ce qui est usuel.
courant definition: Quantité d’affaires que l’on traite ou dont on est chargé.
courant definition: Certaines idées, certaines opinions qui s’emparent du plus grand nombre des esprits et entraînent les autres.
courant definition: Terme qui court.
tube definition: Conduit, tuyau de plomb, de verre, de fer, etc., par où les gaz ou les liquides peuvent circuler.
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steel definition: Tube, tuyau.
steel definition: Queue, tige.
ren definition: Course.
buis definition: Tube, tuyau.
buis definition: Veste, veston.
loop definition: Tube, tuyau.
loop definition: Démarche, façon de marcher.
loop definition: Courant.
roer definition: Tube, tuyau.
roer definition: Gouvernail.
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werk definition: œuvre
werk definition: ouvrage
werk definition: travailler
werk definition: fonctionner

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