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manually manuell
manually mit der Hand
2 words
manually controlled handgesteuert
manually operated handgesteuert
3 words
manually-operated turning gear Anwerfvorrichtung
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manually manualmente
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manually manuellement
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manually manualmente
EVACUATOR, BLADDER, MANUALLY OPERATED definition: A gastroenterology-urology evacuator is a device used to remove debris and fluids during gastroenterological and urological procedures by drainage, aspiration, or irrigation. This generic type of device includes the fluid evacuator system, manually powered bladder evacuator, and the AC-powered vacuum pump.
Orthopedic Cement Extraction Systems, Manual definition: Orthopedic cement extraction systems designed for the breakage, removal, and extraction of orthopedic acrylic cement (typically polymethyl methacrylate [PMMA]) from a previously implanted prosthesis using a combination of manual instruments during orthopedic procedures. These systems typically include disposable (i.e., single use) instruments such as cannulas, tubes, and syringes and reusable dedicated chisels, slap-hammers, hooks, low-speed manual drills, and osteotomes; some systems mix new bone cement with the old cement and then extract the mixture. The systems may also include vacuum devices with appropriate suction tubes and filters to extract cement/bone fragments, irrigation devices, and endoscopic video systems. Manual orthopedic cement extraction systems are used mainly to remove cement (e.g., mantle, plug) during the removal of old prostheses in revision surgery (e.g., replacement) of hip, knee, and other cemented orthopedic prostheses.

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