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Manufacturer definition: A person, an enterprise, or an entity that produces finished goods.
Manufacturer definition: Manufacturer means any person who manufactures, prepares, propagates, compounds, assembles, or processes a device by chemical, physical, biological, or other procedure.
CDC Vaccine Manufacturer Codes definition: National Immunization Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1660 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA, 30333
Manufacturer Sample definition: A supply of a manufacturer sample
Type Of Manufacturer ICSR Terminology definition: Terminology used in individual case safety reports to specify a type of medical product manufacturer.
Device Observer Manufacturer definition: Manufacturer of automated device that created the observations.
Hersteller definition: [1] das Unternehmen, das einen bestimmten Artikel herstellt (produziert)
équipementier definition: Firme industrielle fabriquant des équipements.
instrumentier definition: Entreprise chargée de la réalisation d’un instrument.
systémier definition: Firme industrielle chargée de l'intégration d'un engin spatial ou de la fourniture d'un système spatial complet.

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