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1 word
mediate indirekt
mediate mittelbar
mediate vermitteln
3 words
to mediate (in) vermitteln (bei)
1 word
mediate indirect
vermitteln definition: [1] klarmachen, beibringen [2] herbeiführen

Residues crucial for maintaining short paths in network communication mediate signaling in proteins

Antonio del Sol et al.

Molecular Systems Biology , 02 May 2006

External Stimuli Mediate Collective Rhythms: Artificial Control Strategies

Tianshou Zhou et al.

PLoS ONE , 21 Feb 2007

Endocannabinoids mediate muscarine-induced synaptic depression at the vertebrate neuromuscular junction

Zachary Newman et al.

The European Journal of Neuroscience , 01 Mar 2007

Sγ3 switch sequences function in place of endogenous Sγ1 to mediate antibody class switching

Ali A. Zarrin et al.

The Journal of Experimental Medicine , 07 Jul 2008

Novel upstream elements and the TATA-box region mediate preferential transcription from the uteroglobin promoter in endometrial cells.

A Misseyanni et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 11 Jun 1991

Activation domains of transcription factors mediate replication dependent transcription from a minimal HIV-1 promoter.

R D Williams et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 15 Feb 1996

Sp1, but not Sp3, functions to mediate promoter activation by TGF-beta through canonical Sp1 binding sites.

J M Li et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 15 May 1998

Four plant Dicers mediate viral small RNA biogenesis and DNA virus induced silencing

Todd Blevins et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Dec 2006

Rab7 Associates with Early Endosomes to Mediate Sorting and Transport of Semliki Forest Virus to Late Endosomes

Andreas Vonderheit et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Jul 2005

Divergent Pathways in COS-7 Cells Mediate Defective Internalization and Intracellular Routing of Truncated G-CSFR Forms in SCN/AML

Melissa G. Hunter et al.

PLoS ONE , 18 Jun 2008

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