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Epidemiological Method definition: Epidemiological methods involve sophisticated statistics and higher mathematics. These methods allow epidemiologists to address issues like non-experimental studies of mechanistic questions in disease etiology, including studies of the impact of the social position of individuals in different social contexts.
Feeding Methods definition: Methods of giving food to humans or animals.
Method definition: A means, manner of procedure, or systematic course of actions that have to be performed in order to accomplish a particular goal.
Method, LOINC Axis 6 definition: The process by which an observation value was obtained. Example methods include: weighing, use of a mass spectrometer, use of an ion sensitive electrode, and examination using a microscope.
methods definition: Used with techniques, procedures, and programs for methods.
Research Methods definition: Develop and evaluate new laboratory assays, behavioral methods, and statistical techniques for epidemiologic studies. (FMB)
Chemical method definition: Chemical
Technique definition: A practiced and regimented skill or series of actions.
Description definition: A written or verbal account, representation, statement, or explanation of something.
Description definition: For attributes representing a statement used to describe something.
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sbocco definition: [1] der Ausgang [2] Geographie: die Mündung [3] Technik: der Auslass [4] Wirtschaft: der Absatzmarkt [5]

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