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zumeist definition: [1] zu einem großen Anteil [2] in aller Regel
meistens definition: [1] fast immer, sehr oft, am häufigsten
meist definition: [1] Superlativ zu viel [2] Bezeichnet den größten Teil einer Gesamtheit, d. h. die Mehrheit. Nur attributiv. [3] am meisten: Superlativ zu sehr [4] am meisten: dient zur Umschreibung des Superlativs (siehe Beispiele)
Zuschrift definition: [1] ein Brief (oder email), der als Reaktion auf etwas an jmdn. geschickt wird

Fibromyalgia syndrome improved using a mostly raw vegetarian diet: An observational study

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Predicting mostly disordered proteins by using structure-unknown protein data

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Characterization of a novel plasmid-like element in Neurospora crassa derived mostly from the mitochondrial DNA.

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The global intrinsic curvature of archaeal and eubacterial genomes is mostly contained in their dinucleotide composition and is probably not an adaptation

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Human APE2 protein is mostly localized in the nuclei and to some extent in the mitochondria, while nuclear APE2 is partly associated with proliferating cell nuclear antigen

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Tuberculosis from Mycobacterium bovis in Binational Communities, United States: ... and is concentrated mostly in persons of Mexican ...

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The reticulons: a family of proteins with diverse functions: ... group of proteins that mostly localize to the ...

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The septins: ... binding proteins that mostly form filaments. They ...

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The undertranslated transcriptome reveals widespread translational silencing by alternative 5' transcript leaders: ... of yeast transcripts, mostly involved in responses ...

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An inventory of yeast proteins associated with nucleolar and ribosomal components: ... bacterial-type and mostly eukaryote-specific ...

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