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Just-in-time Database-Driven Web Applications

Kenneth R Ong

Journal of Medical Internet Research , 29 Aug 2003

Is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency brownfields assessment pilot program environmentally just?

Laura Solitare et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Apr 2002

Ill or just old? Towards a conceptual framework of the relation between ageing and disease

Gerbrand J Izaks et al.

BMC Geriatrics , 19 Dec 2003

Age rationing and prudential lifespan account in Norman Daniels’ Just health

S Brauer

Journal of Medical Ethics , 01 Jan 2009

Knockout Mice: Is It Just Genetics? Effect of Enriched Housing on Fibulin-4 +/− Mice

Elizabeth Cudilo et al.

PLoS ONE , 21 Feb 2007

The mouse telomerase RNA 5"-end lies just upstream of the telomerase template sequence.

C S Hinkley et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 15 Jan 1998

A clinically integrated curriculum in Evidence-based Medicine for just-in-time learning through on-the-job training: The EU-EBM project

Sjors FPJ Coppus et al.

BMC Medical Education , 27 Nov 2007

Just-in-Time Information Improved Decision-Making in Primary Care: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Jessie McGowan et al.

PLoS ONE , 21 Nov 2008

Surrogates are just surrogates, but helpful just the same

Carol Fabian

Breast cancer research : BCR , 2007

Just how versatile are domains?

January Weiner et al.

BMC Evolutionary Biology , 14 Oct 2008

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