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Nonlinear Dynamics definition: The study of systems which respond disproportionately (nonlinearly) to initial conditions or perturbing stimuli. Nonlinear systems may exhibit "chaos" which is classically characterized as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Chaotic systems, while distinguished from more ordered periodic systems, are not random. When their behavior over time is appropriately displayed (in "phase space"), constraints are evident which are described by "strange attractors". Phase space representations of chaotic systems, or strange attractors, usually reveal fractal (FRACTALS) self-similarity across time scales. Natural, including biological, systems often display nonlinear dynamics and chaos.

The two goals of Nonlinear Biomedical Physics are: firstly to show how nonlinear methods can shed new light on biological phenomena and medical applications and secondly to bridge the technical, mathematical, and cultural divides between the physical disciplines where these methods are being developed and the audience for their use in the biological and medical sciences.

Zbigniew Czernicki et al.

Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 1 (7), 05 Jul 2007

Systems and processes studied in biophysics and medical physics are inherently nonlinear , and that is why nonlinear biomedical physics is emerging as a relatively new, rapidly growing, multidisciplinary, dynamic and widely applicable field.

Zbigniew Czernicki et al.

Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 1 (7), 05 Jul 2007

Nonlinear biomedical physics lies at the crossroads of frontier research in physics, engineering, medicine, and biology, since current medical research studies of different biochemical and biophysical mechanisms must deal with mathematical modeling.

Zbigniew Czernicki et al.

Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 1 (7), 05 Jul 2007

The main aim of establishing Nonlinear Biomedical Physics (NBP) is to create a home for widely dispersed articles that concern extensive research in this field of great interdisciplinary relevance.

Zbigniew Czernicki et al.

Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 1 (7), 05 Jul 2007

Since the best definition of basic research is 'research that has not yet been applied', the basic research in the field of nonlinear biomedical physics is extremely important for near-future applications in clinical, environmental, and occupational medicine.

Zbigniew Czernicki et al.

Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 1 (7), 05 Jul 2007

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