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We measured caregiver mental health (General Health Questionnaire), caregiver burden (Zarit Burden Score), distress due to behavioural disturbances (NPI-D), behavioural problems in the subject (NPI-S) and activities of daily living in the elder with dementia (EASI).

Amit Dias et al.

PLoS ONE 3 (6), 04 Jun 2008

The intervention led to a significant reduction of GHQ (−1.12, 95% CI −2.07 to −0.17) and NPI-D scores (−1.96, 95%CI −3.51 to −0.41) and non-significant reductions in the ZBS, EASI and NPI-S scores.

Amit Dias et al.

PLoS ONE 3 (6), 04 Jun 2008

The researchers underwent an intensive one week training in interview techniques with role-play to familiarize them with the instruments and ensure inter-observer reliability. and used standardized questionnaires for collecting baseline information, as follows: Socio demographic characteristics of the person with dementia and the caregiver Everyday Abilities Scale for India (EASI): This questionnaire consisting of 12 questions, has been developed and widely used to test the functional abilities of daily living relevant to Indian subjects [11] Neuro-Psychiatric Inventory (NPI) Questionnaire: This instrument consists of two parts; the first measures the severity of the problem behaviours associated with the condition on a scale of 1–3 (NPI- S); the second measures the perceived distress of the problem behaviours by the caregiver on a scale of 0–5 (NPI -D) [12] .

Amit Dias et al.

PLoS ONE 3 (6), 04 Jun 2008

Secondary outcomes were perceived burden (Zarit Burden score), distress due to problem behaviours (NPI-D) and severity of the behavioural problems in the person with dementia (NPI-S), and functional ability of the subject (EASI).

Amit Dias et al.

PLoS ONE 3 (6), 04 Jun 2008

Analysis: We analysed each of the outcome measures (GHQ, Zarit, EAS, NPI-S and NPI-D) with a mixed effects model.

Amit Dias et al.

PLoS ONE 3 (6), 04 Jun 2008

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