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Obtain definition: To come into possession of something.
Not Obtained definition: Not acquired, gained or come to the possession.

A transcriptional repressor obtained by alternative translation of a trinucleotide repeat.

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Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis from self-obtained vaginal swabs.

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Clinicopathological Characteristics of Superficial Type Colorectal Adenomas Obtained by Endoscopic Resection

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Transcriptional profiling of degraded RNA in cryopreserved and fixed tissue samples obtained at autopsy

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Specificity of Mnt ‘master residue’ obtained from in vivo and in vitro selections

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Estimating the Confidence Level of White Matter Connections Obtained with MRI Tractography

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Informed consent for research obtained during the intensive care unit stay

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Sequence analysis of zein cDNAs obtained by an efficient mRNA cloning method.

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Gonadal steroidogenesis in vitro from juvenile alligators obtained from contaminated or control lakes.

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Prediction of oligonucleotide frequencies based upon dinucleotide frequencies obtained from the nearest neighbor analysis.

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