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ptPortuguese enEnglish
1 word
olhar concern
olhar consider
olhar deem
olhar involve
olhar look
olhar look at
olhar pertain
olhar regard
olhar see
olhar view
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ptPortuguese afAfrikaans
1 word
olhar aanbetref
olhar aankyk
olhar ag
olhar besien
olhar kyk
olhar kyk na
ptPortuguese arArabic
1 word
olhar رأى
ptPortuguese caCatalan
1 word
olhar concernir
olhar esguardar
olhar mirar
ptPortuguese daDanish
1 word
olhar angå
olhar betragte
olhar se på
ptPortuguese deGerman
1 word
olhar anblicken
olhar angehen
olhar anlangen
olhar anschauen
olhar ansehen
olhar betrachten
olhar betreffen
olhar gucken
olhar zuschauen
olhar zusehen
ptPortuguese eoEsperanto
1 word
olhar koncerni
olhar rigardi
ptPortuguese esSpanish
1 word
olhar concernir
olhar incumbir
olhar mirar
olhar ver
ptPortuguese fiFinnish
1 word
olhar katsella
olhar katsoa
ptPortuguese foFaroese
1 word
olhar eygfara
olhar hyggja at
olhar koma við
olhar líta at
olhar nerva
ptPortuguese frFrench
1 word
olhar jeter un coup d’œil
olhar jeter un œil
olhar regarder
olhar voir
ptPortuguese fyFrisian
1 word
olhar achtenearje
olhar achtsje
olhar besjen
olhar oanbelangje
ptPortuguese gdScottish Gaelic
1 word
olhar amhairc
olhar coimhead
olhar seall
ptPortuguese ioIdo
1 word
olhar regardar
ptPortuguese itItalian
1 word
olhar concernere
olhar guardare
olhar riguardare
ptPortuguese jaJapanese
1 word
olhar 看る
ptPortuguese kuKurdish
1 word
olhar berê xwe dan
olhar fekirin
olhar hêv|hêv kirin
olhar mêzandin
olhar mêze|mêze kirin
olhar mêzîn
olhar nerîn
olhar seh|seh kirin
ptPortuguese laLatin
1 word
olhar spectare
ptPortuguese mnMongolian
1 word
olhar манах
ptPortuguese msMalay
1 word
olhar lihat
ptPortuguese naNauru
1 word
olhar ober
ptPortuguese nlDutch
1 word
olhar aangaan
olhar bekijken
olhar betreffen
olhar blikken
olhar gelden
olhar kijken
olhar kijken naar
olhar raken
olhar schouwen
olhar toekijken
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ptPortuguese ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
1 word
olhar agachar
olhar gaitar
ptPortuguese plPolish
1 word
olhar dotyczyć
olhar patrzeć
ptPortuguese roRomanian
1 word
olhar interesa
ptPortuguese ruRussian
1 word
olhar глядеть
olhar посмотреть
olhar смотреть
ptPortuguese svSwedish
1 word
olhar beskåda
olhar beträffa
olhar kika
olhar skåda
olhar titta
ptPortuguese tlTagalog
1 word
olhar tignán
ptPortuguese trTurkish
1 word
olhar bakmak
olhar seyretmek
ptPortuguese zhChinese
1 word
olhar 看|R=kàn
ptPortuguese zuZulu
1 word
olhar -bukela
gucken definition: [1]
0 examples

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