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Equipment Safety definition: Precautions recommended to prevent or reduce equipment injury.
Equipment Safety definition: Freedom of equipment from actual or potential hazards.
PP definition: Pharmacokinetic parameters derived from pharmacokinetic concentration-time (PC) data.
Pharmacokinetic Parameters Domain definition: A subject domain utilized for the submission of information encompassing and representing data, vocabulary or records related to pharmacokientic parameters.
parameters definition: Cadre.
cadre definition: Bordure de bois, de marbre, de bronze, etc., dans laquelle on place un tableau, une estampe, un ouvrage de sculpture, etc.
cadre definition: Châssis fixe formé par des pièces de bois assemblées à angles droits.
cadre definition: Assemblage qui composent une charpente, une structure solide.
cadre definition: Lit qui sert, sur les bâtiments, aux officiers, aux passagers et aux malades de l’équipage.
cadre definition: Plan ou agencement des parties d’un ouvrage, de la pensée.
cadre definition: Ensemble des officiers et sous-officiers d’un corps de troupes constitué, en tant qu’ils sont destinés à diriger et unir ensemble les soldats qui les composent. Dans cette acception, il s’emploie surtout au pluriel.
cadre definition: Membre de l'encadrement, du management, d'une entreprise, d'une administration.
cadre definition: Sous-fenêtre de la fenêtre principale d'un logiciel de navigation, qui peut afficher un document différent de ceux affichés dans les autres sous-fenêtres.
cadre definition: Synonyme de conteneur.

Scaling of the quantified dispositional parameters of xenobiotics from animals to man is of interest from the standpoint of toxicology (e.g., poisoning and risk assessment).

K Bachmann et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives 104 (4), 01 Apr 1996

Current strategies for scaling either doses of xenobiotics or the dispositional parameters of xenobiotics from animals to man rely on models that take account principally of species differences in weight or body surface area.

K Bachmann et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives 104 (4), 01 Apr 1996

Interspecies scaling of dispositional parameters such as clearance or volume of distribution commonly involves the comparison of estimates of these parameters for a given xenobiotic among numerous species on the basis of weight with the resultant mathematical relationship used to predict the values of those parameters for that xenobiotic in a species weighing, on average, about 70 kg (i.e., a man).

K Bachmann et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives 104 (4), 01 Apr 1996

Our approach has been to ascertain whether a useful mathematical model could be developed for predicting the dispositional parameters of a xenobiotic, its half-life and volume of distribution, in humans based exclusively on estimates of those parameters in rats.

K Bachmann et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives 104 (4), 01 Apr 1996

Based on a data set of about 100 different xenobiotics, we found that values for half-life and volume of distribution of a xenobiotic in humans can be predicted from the estimates of those parameters in rats.

K Bachmann et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives 104 (4), 01 Apr 1996

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