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Pentobarbital definition: A short-acting barbiturate that is effective as a sedative and hypnotic (but not as an anti-anxiety) agent and is usually given orally. It is prescribed more frequently for sleep induction than for sedation but, like similar agents, may lose its effectiveness by the second week of continued administration. (From AMA Drug Evaluations Annual, 1994, p236)
pentobarbital definition: short to intermediate acting barbiturate used as a sedative and hypnotic; the sodium salt is also used as an anticonvulsant, as a preanesthetic and as an adjunct to anesthesia.
Pentobarbital Measurement definition: The determination of the amount of pentobarbital present in a sample.
Pentobarbital Sodium definition: The sodium salt of pentobarbital, a short-acting barbituric acid derivative with central nervous system (CNS) depressant property. Pentobarbital sodium binds to the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)-A subtype receptor, resulting in modulation of chloride transport through receptor channels and potentiation of GABA-induced increases in chloride conductance. This enhances postsynaptic responses to the inhibitory actions of GABA and causes CNS depression. In addition, this agent inhibits glutamate induced nerve depolarization and depresses voltage-activated calcium currents.

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