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1 word
perfusion Begießen
perfusion Besprengen
perfusion Durchblutung
perfusion Durchströmung
perfusion Perfusion
perfusion Pumpen
2 words
Catheters, Perfusion Katheter, Perfusion
Perfusion Catheters Katheter, Perfusion
Perfusion Pump Infusionspumpe
Perfusion Pumps Infusionspumpe
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enEnglish frFrench
2 words
under perfusion sous perfusion
frFrench enEnglish
1 word
perfusion infusion
2 words
sous perfusion under perfusion
3 words
frFrench deGerman
1 word
perfusion Infusion
3 words
frFrench esSpanish
1 word
perfusion infusión
3 words
frFrench ptPortuguese
1 word
perfusion infusão
3 words
frFrench isIcelandic
1 word
perfusion innrennslislyf
frFrench itItalian
1 word
perfusion fleboclisi
frFrench laLatin
1 word
perfusion infusio
frFrench plPolish
1 word
perfusion infuzja
frFrench ruRussian
1 word
perfusion вливание
deGerman enEnglish
1 word
Perfusion perfusion
3 words
Katheter, Perfusion Catheters, Perfusion
Katheter, Perfusion Catheters, Vascular, Perfusion
Katheter, Perfusion Perfusion Catheters
4 words
Katheter, koronare Perfusion Catheters, Coronary Perfusion
Katheter, koronare Perfusion Catheters, Vascular, Perfusion, Coronary Artery
Oxygenator, regionale Perfusion Oxygenators, Regional Perfusion
Oxygenator, regionale Perfusion Regional Perfusion Unit Oxygenators
Infusion Pumps definition: Fluid propulsion systems driven mechanically, electrically, or osmotically that are used to inject (or infuse) over time agents into a patient or experimental animal; used routinely in hospitals to maintain a patent intravenous line, to administer antineoplastic agents and other drugs in thromboembolism, heart disease, diabetes mellitus (INSULIN INFUSION SYSTEMS is also available), and other disorders.
PUMP, INFUSION definition: An infusion pump is a device used in a health care facility to pump fluids into a patient in a controlled manner. The device may use a piston pump, a roller pump, or a peristaltic pump and may be powered electrically or mechanically. The device may also operate using a constant force to propel the fluid through a narrow tube which determines the flow rate. The device may include means to detect a fault condition, such as air in, or blockage of, the infusion line and to activate an alarm.
Infusion Pumps definition: Pumps designed for controlled and accurate infusion of liquids to a patient through intravenous, epidural, or subcutaneous routes for therapeutic and/or diagnostic purposes. These pumps may use peristaltic mechanisms, cassettes, or a syringe driven mechanism for propelling the infusate. Infusion pumps usually include electronic controls, alarms, and memory.
Infusion Pumps, Implantable definition: Implanted fluid propulsion systems with self-contained power source for providing long-term controlled-rate delivery of drugs such as chemotherapeutic agents or analgesics. Delivery rate may be externally controlled or osmotically or peristatically controlled with the aid of transcutaneous monitoring.
Infusion Pumps, Implantable definition: Infusion pumps implanted to deliver narcotics, short-acting anesthetic agents, insulin, antineoplastic drugs, or other agents. Dosage is controlled by drug concentration and/or by radio frequency signals from an external programming device. A catheter from the pump is placed into the epidural or the intrathecal space of the spinal canal, or into a blood vessel.
perfusion definition: artificial pumping of a fluid through a tissue or organ via blood vessels, especially to supply drugs or nutrients; for the concept of pumping of one's own blood through artificial means use EXTRACORPOREAL CIRCULATION.
perfusion definition: Bathing an organ or tissue with a fluid. In regional perfusion, a specific area of the body (usually an arm or a leg) receives high doses of anticancer drugs through a blood vessel. Such a procedure is performed to treat cancer that has not spread.
Perfusion definition: The process of flooding fluid through the artery to saturate the surrounding tissue. In regional perfusion, a specific area of the body (usually an arm or a leg) is targeted and high doses of anticancer drugs are flooded through the artery to reach the surrounding tissue and kill as many cancer cells as possible. Such a procedure is performed in cases where the cancer is not thought to have spread past a localized area.
isolation perfusion definition: extracorporeal circuit with temporary exclusion of the area from the general circulation during which high concentrations of drug are perfused to the isolated part; can be used in cancer therapy.
Pulsatile Flow definition: Rhythmic, intermittent propagation of a fluid through a BLOOD VESSEL or piping system, in contrast to constant, smooth propagation, which produces laminar flow.
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Infusion definition: [1] Medizin: das über einen längeren Zeitraum andauernde Einführen von Flüssigkeit in den Körper, dies meist intravenös, aber auch intraossär, intraarteriell, subkutan oder rektal
baxter definition: injection lente par voie intraveineuse.
perfusion definition: Introduction lente et continue d’un médicament ou de sang dans un organisme.

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