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1 word
perplexed perplex
perplexed perplex gemacht
perplexed ratlos
perplexed stutzig gemacht
perplexed verblüfft
perplexed verdutzt
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1 word
perplexed perplexe
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
perplexed perplexa
perplex definition: [1] überrascht und/oder verwirrt
0 examples

Perplexing peroxisome proliferators.

M Citron

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The confused cancer patient: a case of 5-fluorouracil–induced encephalopathy

W.Y. Cheung et al.

Current Oncology , 01 Oct 2008

A New Look at Some Old Animals: ... other animals has long puzzled researchers studying ...

Neil W Blackstone

PLoS Biology , 01 Jan 2009

Malaria pigment paralyzes dendritic cells: ... other antigens has long puzzled researchers. A prime ...

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Journal of Biology , 2006

Cognitive Dimensions of Predator Responses to Imperfect Mimicry: ... the human eye has long puzzled evolutionary ...

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PLoS Biology , 01 Dec 2007

Solitary caecal diverticulitis as an unusual cause of a right iliac fossa mass: a case report: ... and is often confused with carcinoma of the ...

Mohamed A Kurer

Journal of Medical Case Reports , 10 Nov 2007

Facial Laceration at Caesarean Section: Experience With Tissue Adhesive: ... injuries has remained a perplexing problem for both the ...

Sanjay Saraf

Eplasty , 09 Jan 2009

Initiation, Establishment, and Maintenance of Heritable MuDR Transposon Silencing in Maize Are Mediated by Distinct Factors: ... that have intrigued and puzzled geneticists for ...

Margaret Roth Woodhouse et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Oct 2006

Congenital anterolateral tibial bowing and polydactyly: a case report: ... that should not be confused with other conditions ...

Edmond G Lemire

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The Medicinal Mushroom Agaricus blazei Murrill: Review of Literature and Pharmaco-Toxicological Problems: ... and there are perplexing concerns especially ...

F. Firenzuoli et al.

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine : eCAM , 01 Mar 2008

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