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plaqué definition: Signifie métal plaqué.

Monitoring metal concentrations in tissues and single cells using ultramicrosensors.: ... fiber ultramicrosensors plated with mercury or with ...

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Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Sep 1994

Genotoxic effects of 2-acetylaminofluorene on rat and human hepatocytes.: ... rat hepatocytes were plated over confluent ...

S C Strom et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Mar 1983

The use of multiple displacement amplification to amplify complex DNA libraries: ... numbers of colonies are plated and scraped from ...

Melissa J. Fullwood et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Mar 2008

Disposable electrochemical flow cells for catalytic adsorptive stripping voltammetry (CAdSV) at a bismuth film electrode (BiFE): ... cell with an in-line plated BiFE. The ...

Nahid Gharib Naseri et al.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry , 01 Jun 2008

Use of polyethyleneimine polymer in cell culture as attachment factor and lipofection enhancer: ... PC-12 and HEK-293 cells plated on dishes coated with ...

Ajith R Vancha et al.

BMC Biotechnology , 15 Oct 2004

CD155/PVR plays a key role in cell motility during tumor cell invasion and migration: ... than controls when plated on a Matrigel ...

Kevin E Sloan et al.

BMC Cancer , 07 Oct 2004

Prevalence of oropharyngeal beta-lactamase-producing Capnocytophaga spp. in pediatric oncology patients over a ten-year period: ... by oral swabbing and plated on TBBP agar. The ...

Anne Jolivet-Gougeon et al.

BMC Infectious Diseases , 09 May 2005

Laminin enhances the growth of human neural stem cells in defined culture media: ... from human neural cells plated at clonal densities. ...

Peter E Hall et al.

BMC Neuroscience , 23 Jul 2008

Use of an Immobilized Monoclonal Antibody to Examine Integrin α5β1 Signaling Independent of Cell Spreading: ... ECV 304 cells were plated onto FN or immobilized ...

Wenjie Bao et al.

Biological Procedures Online , 11 Nov 2002

Connecting Neurons to a Mobile Robot: An In Vitro Bidirectional Neural Interface: ... from rat embryos and plated on a microelectrode ...

A. Novellino et al.

Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience , 2007

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