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enEnglish frFrench
1 word
Preparation Preparation
preparation préparatif
2 words
Adequate preparation Preparation correcte
Bowel Preparation Preparation
enEnglish itItalian
1 word
Preparation Preparazione
2 words
Adequate preparation Preparazione adeguata
Bowel preparation Preparazione
enEnglish deGerman
1 word
preparation Aufbereitung
preparation Bereitung
preparation Erarbeitung
preparation Präparat
preparation Präparation
preparation Vorbereitung
preparation Vorsorge
preparation Zubereitung
2 words
clay preparation Tonaufbereitung
data preparation Datenaufbereitung
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enEnglish afAfrikaans
1 word
preparation bereiding
enEnglish daDanish
1 word
preparation tilberedelse
preparation tillavning
enEnglish eoEsperanto
1 word
preparation antaŭzorgo
preparation preparado
preparation preparo
preparation pretigo
enEnglish esSpanish
1 word
preparation apronte
preparation preparación
preparation preparativo
enEnglish ioIdo
1 word
preparation preparado
preparation preparo
enEnglish laLatin
1 word
preparation cura
enEnglish nlDutch
1 word
preparation bedachtzaamheid
preparation bereiding
preparation toebereiding
preparation voorbereiding
preparation voorbereidsel
preparation vooruitziende blik
preparation voorzorg
enEnglish ptPortuguese
1 word
preparation precaução
preparation preparação
preparation preparo
preparation providência
preparation solicitude
enEnglish svSwedish
1 word
preparation beredelse
preparation förberedelse
frFrench enEnglish
1 word
Preparation Bowel preparation
préparation anticipation
préparation expectation
préparation preparation
préparation preparing
frFrench afAfrikaans
1 word
préparation antisipasie
préparation bereiding
frFrench daDanish
1 word
préparation tilberedelse
préparation tillavning
frFrench deGerman
1 word
préparation Antizipation
préparation Bereitung
préparation Voraussicht
préparation Vorbereitung
préparation Vorgriff
préparation Vorwegnahme
frFrench eoEsperanto
1 word
préparation anticipo
préparation preparado
préparation pretigo
frFrench esSpanish
1 word
préparation anticipación
préparation apronte
préparation preparación
préparation preparativo
frFrench ioIdo
1 word
préparation anticipado
préparation anticipo
préparation preparado
préparation preparo
frFrench itItalian
1 word
Preparation Preparazione
frFrench nlDutch
1 word
préparation anticipatie
préparation bereiding
préparation toebereiding
préparation voorbereiding
frFrench ptPortuguese
1 word
préparation antecipação
Analgesics definition: Compounds capable of relieving pain without the loss of CONSCIOUSNESS.
analgesic definition: compounds capable of relieving pain without the loss of consciousness or without producing anesthesia.
analgesics definition: Drugs that reduce pain. These drugs include aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.
Analgesic Preparation definition: Natural or synthetic compound mixtures, Analgesic Preparations relieve pain by altering the perception of nociceptive stimuli without loss of consciousness. Analgesic compounds may act at opioid receptors (morphine-like drugs) or at other central or peripheral sites (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents). (NCI04)
Analgesic Agent definition: Compounds that alleviate pain without loss of consciousness. Analgesics act by various mechanisms including binding with opioid receptors and decreasing inflammation. Choice of analgesic may be determined by the type of pain. These compounds include opioid, non-opioid and adjuvant analgesic agents.
Antacids definition: Substances that counteract or neutralize acidity of the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT.
antacid definition: group of agents that counteract or neutralize acidity, used mainly for the treatment of gastrointestinal irritation or ulcers.
Antacid Preparation definition: Natural or synthetic compounds or mixtures, Antiacid Preparations such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, and phosphate salts act as proton acceptors, neutralizing the acidity of a biologic environment (skin, gastric content, urine, etc.) and raising the pH. These agents are used topically or systemically for management of metabolic acidosis, improved muscle contraction, and hyper-acidic conditions (preventing, counteracting, or neutralizing stomach acidity). (NCI04)
Drug Compounding definition: The preparation, mixing, and assembling of a drug. (From Remington, The Science and Practice of Pharmacy, 19th ed, p1814)
digitalis definition: extract from genus of toxic herbaceous Eurasian plants of the Scrophulaceae which yield cardiotonic digitalis glycosides; most useful species are Digitalis lanata and D. purpurea.
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préparation definition: [1] Bereitung, Vorbereitung
anticipation definition: Action de se projeter dans l’avenir, de se représenter les résultats attendus d’une action cognitive et/ou de stratégies à mettre en œuvre pour y parvenir.
anticipation definition: Action de dépenser un revenu avant qu’il soit échu.
anticipation definition: Avance de fonds sur une consignation de marchandises.
anticipation definition: Usurpation, empiétement sur le bien ou sur les droits d’autrui.
anticipation definition: Figure de rhétorique par laquelle l’orateur réfute d’avance les objections qui pourront lui être faites.
anticipation definition: Genre littéraire où les histoires se passent dans un futur proche ou hypothétique.
préparatif definition: Ce que l’on fait pour préparer; apprêt.
préparation definition: Action par laquelle on prépare, on se prépare.
préparation definition: Action d’annoncer quelque chose par degrés et en employant des ménagements.
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Vorbereitung definition: [1] Tätigkeit, die einen anschließenden Vorgang möglich machen soll
voorbereiding definition: préparation

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