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Prior Radiation Therapy definition: An indicator that a person has been previously received radiation treatment for the same condition.
BEFORE definition: Earlier in time or order. (NCI)
Prior definition: Earlier in time or order.
Former Smoker definition: A person who was not smoking at the time of the interview but has smoked at least 100 cigarettes in their life.
Prior Primary definition: The term refers to the treatment that was performed in the effort to cure the neoplastic disease before (prior) the current or being currently planned treatment regimen or given clinical event. Primary treatment is usually surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, or combination of some or all modalities listed above.
Prior Chemotherapy definition: Previous chemotherapy administered as treatment for this cancer.
Prior Extensive Radiation definition: Having received extensive radiation before the present time.
Prior Immunotherapy definition: Originally, therapeutic administration of serum or gamma globulin containing preformed antibodies produced by another individual; currently, immunotherapy includes nonspecific systemic stimulation, adjuvants, active specific immunotherapy, and adoptive immunotherapy. New forms of immunotherapy include the use of monoclonal antibodies. This approach has been widely adopted by cancer specialists, often in cases which fail to respond to other treatment. Immunotherapy aims to boost immune system function, as with the administration of interferons and interleukin-2, or to attack cancerous cells directly, as with the injection of monoclonal antibodies. Various immunotherapeutic techniques have also been employed among AIDS patients. In addition, a number of alternative medical practices are claimed to enhance immune function, and various over-the-counter substances (e.g., goldenseal, lysine have gained popularity for this supposed property.
Prior Therapy definition: An indicator that a person has been previously treated for the same condition or with the same therapy.
No Prior Therapy definition: No prior cancer treatment.
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bevor definition: [1] drückt aus, dass etwas zeitlich zuerst sein soll und danach erst das, was nach bevor genannt wird; bevor steht also für Nachzeitigkeit.
précédent definition: Fait, un exemple antérieur qu’on invoque comme autorité.
précédent definition: On dit de même :

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