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Sickness Impact Profile definition: A quality-of-life scale developed in the United States in 1972 as a measure of health status or dysfunction generated by a disease. It is a behaviorally based questionnaire for patients and addresses activities such as sleep and rest, mobility, recreation, home management, emotional behavior, social interaction, and the like. It measures the patient's perceived health status and is sensitive enough to detect changes or differences in health status occurring over time or between groups. (From Medical Care, vol.xix, no.8, August 1981, p.787-805)
Molecular Fingerprint of Tumor definition: All cell types, depending on their functions, have unique, identifiable "signatures" - special characteristics such as which genes are active and what proteins or other cellular products are manufactured by the cell. During transformation of a normal cell to a cancer cell, the signature changes, and that change becomes a signal of the presence of cancer. (Bypass Budget)
Metabolic Profile definition: A measurement of all the metabolites of a sample of cells or tissue.

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