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Regulation of Clinical Research Sponsored by Pharmaceutical Companies: A Proposal: Sotelo proposes that a third party, ...

Julio Sotelo

PLoS Medicine , 01 Jul 2006

A model for particulate structure in chromatin: ... is novel in that it proposes that the DNA in such a ...

K.E. Van Holde et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Nov 1974

Identifying Protein Function—A Call for Community Action: ... Richard Roberts proposes that a community-based ...

Richard J Roberts

PLoS Biology , 01 Mar 2004

The Estradiol-Dihydrotestosterone model of prostate cancer: ... or death. This article proposes a theory which resolves ...

A Edward Friedman

Theoretical Biology & Medical Modelling , 18 Mar 2005

Technology mediator: a new role for the reference librarian?: ... needs. This article proposes a technology mediation ...

David K Howse et al.

Biomedical Digital Libraries , 13 Oct 2006

Peptidyl transferase centre of bacterial ribosomes: substrate specificity and binding sites.: ... The present paper proposes such main elements for ...

A A Krayevsky et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Dec 1975

SODa: An Mn/Fe superoxide dismutase prediction and design server: ... In addition, SODa proposes a list of residue ...

Jean Marc Kwasigroch et al.

BMC Bioinformatics , 02 Jun 2008

Interventions to facilitate health workforce restructure: ... The paper proposes specific policy ...

SJ Duckett

Australia and New Zealand Health Policy , 29 Jun 2005

How to make the rhetoric of joined-up government really work: ... those developments and proposes a schema to assess and ...

Jim Hyde

Australia and New Zealand Health Policy , 04 Nov 2008

Interdisciplinary research: putting the methods under the microscope: ... the core of this paper proposes a template for such ...

David W Robertson et al.

BMC Medical Research Methodology , 19 Oct 2003

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