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Analysis and comparison of information and data recorded in carcinogenicity and genotoxicity databases.

P Romano et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Dec 1991

Consistency between education reported in health survey and recorded in death certificate

Young-Ho Khang et al.

BMC Public Health , 18 Oct 2007

Robust Off- and Online Separation of Intracellularly Recorded Up and Down Cortical States

Yamina Seamari et al.

PLoS ONE , 12 Sep 2007

Spatiotemporal receptive field properties of epiretinally recorded spikes and local electroretinograms in cats

Marcus Wilms et al.

BMC Neuroscience , 15 Aug 2005

Canine atopic dermatitis: validation of recorded diagnosis against practice records in 335 insured Swedish dogs

Ane Nødtvedt et al.

Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica , 15 Jun 2006

Performance of a Self-Paced Brain Computer Interface on Data Contaminated with Eye-Movement Artifacts and on Data Recorded in a Subsequent Session

Mehrdad Fatourechi et al.

Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience , 2008

Dose-response characteristics of methylphenidate on locomotor behavior and on sensory evoked potentials recorded from the VTA, NAc, and PFC in freely behaving rats

Pamela B Yang et al.

Behavioral and Brain Functions , 17 Jan 2006

Relationship between blood pressure measurements recorded on patients' charts in family physicians' offices and subsequent 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Marshall Godwin et al.

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders , 29 Mar 2004

Nonlinear analysis of biomagnetic signals recorded from uterine myomas

Athanasia Kotini et al.

Biomagnetic Research and Technology , 30 Mar 2006

Pattern of initiation of monomorphic ventricular tachycardia in recorded intracardiac electrograms

Majid Haghjoo et al.

Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal , 01 Oct 2005

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