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Other Personal Medical History definition: Relevant elements of medical history, including preexisting medical conditions, events and facts (e.g., allergies, race, pregnancy, smoking and alcohol use, hepatic/renal dysfunction, etc.) not listed in MedWatch form.
Relevance definition: The relation of something to the matter at hand.
wichtig definition: [1] wesentlich sein, von Gewicht, Bedeutung sein; Gewicht, Bedeutung habend
erheblich definition: [1] beträchtlich, ins Gewicht fallend, wichtig, ernst
relevant definition: [1] in einem wichtigen Zusammenhang (mit dem Objekt oder Thema) stehend

Ideally, a clinical trial should be able to demonstrate not only a statistically significant improvement in the primary efficacy endpoint, but also that the magnitude of the effect is clinically relevant.

Steven M Snapinn et al.

Trials 8 (7), 25 Oct 2007

One potential approach to assess clinical relevance is to define a clinically relevant effect, and test the null hypothesis that the true effect is of this size or less versus the hypothesis that the true effect is greater than the clinically relevant effect.

Steven M Snapinn et al.

Trials 8 (7), 25 Oct 2007

In other cases, the FDA may request an a priori definition of a treatment responder that can be applied to individual patient changes over time." In addition, a recent guidance from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use [ 6 ] concerning non-inferiority trials included the following: Page 6, Demonstrating Efficacy: "Establishing a clinically relevant benefit over placebo is accomplished by considering the point estimate of the difference between the test product and placebo and assessing its clinical relevance, either using the original scale or by considering responder rates....

Steven M Snapinn et al.

Trials 8 (7), 25 Oct 2007

In these cases, an analysis of the response rates would be highly relevant despite any cost in power.

Steven M Snapinn et al.

Trials 8 (7), 25 Oct 2007

However, there may be great differences in clinical relevance within the responder and non-responder groups; for example, the differences between a weight loss of 5.1% versus 20%, and between a loss of 4.9% versus a gain of 10%, are probably quite relevant.

Steven M Snapinn et al.

Trials 8 (7), 25 Oct 2007

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